The Big One (no jewelry content)

by sheltech on October 11, 2010

Two Tetrahedra , 14 feet tall, made from welded electrical conduit (and thicker 1″ pipe for legs).
Ignore the legs and you have two tetrahedra (one pointing up and one pointing down, almost lined up in this view so that you see the 3-D tetras as a 2-D star of David ) . There is a sitting deck at eye level and it will have hinged partial floor/wall panels that raise up for some privacy.

Scale model (made of 1/16″ dia. rods) of what The Big One will look like when finished.
This model does not have legs ; it hangs, while The Big One needed legs to stand on.

Below is a different treatment of the Two Tetrahedra (aka Star Tetrahedra, or Merkabah).
This is made of bronze rod and the center , hollow, figure is an octahedron in nickel silver sheet . Size is about 12″ across .




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