Amazonite and Silver Set

by sheltech on August 8, 2014

ss amazonite bracelet no stone with sketchss amazonite ergs finishedss amazonite ergs rough with drawing ss amazonite ergs sanded with stones ss amazonite rings 3 on hand ss amazonite rings no stones ss amazonite set 4 on hand


These pieces came out of a basic idea of  the ‘S’ shape , and I started with the rings, using  half-round wire , forging and bending the ends .  The rings and bezel cups were rough-polished  before soldering .  Next came the bracelet , slightly more ambitious , with the same concept of one end forged wide and flat, and  the other end forged tall and thin . The earrings were a lot more involved, but with my skills quickly refreshed (I had only made two other rings before this project , earlier in the year, but no jewelry in 20 years prior) I was ready . I was having fun, too, which was nice , because I had become somewhat burned out in the late 1980’s , doing tedious work  at a bench , at a regular job .


The earrings are each  made from a piece of 8mm x 2mm half-round stock , split up the middle most of the way, and then each side forged and bent to shape . Getting a matching left and right was no easy  task , and with all the careful filing and hand sanding , it took most of a day to get those right. It was very much like the modelmaking (fabricated jewelry masters) I did at my last job ; very thorough , very meticulous . I had no time constraints or considerations about being fast to keep the cost down . These were labors of love .






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sheltech August 11, 2014 at 11:05 am

Thanks, folks; and LInda, this was a significant portion of all the forging work I’ve ever done with jewelry . Some crude banging and bending , and then lots of careful filing and sanding to clean up the mess, lol .

Linda Gasparini August 10, 2014 at 5:39 pm

Lovely! Very inspiring for those of us who haven’t done much forging.

Helen Hill August 10, 2014 at 2:33 pm

Dar, these are really lovely pieces. I particularly like the rings. I have one small criticism, but it’s a criticism of something that you did not make. I dislike seeing beautifully handmade earrings such as yours, which are then paired with mass-produced ear hooks. Your design and execution are very handsome, and I feel they would have been even better with hooks you had made yourself, to coordinate with the earrings. Please do not take offence at my criticism – none is meant. I really like the pieces in this blog post.

John August 10, 2014 at 11:00 am

Really beautiful, Dar! I know your wife is very pleased! Thanks for sharing.

John in Indiana

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