(Hemi)Spherical Icosidodecahedron , Con Chihuahuas

by sheltech on January 16, 2014

This is a scale model for an eventual large yard sculpture , planned to be somewhere around 14 feet in diameter by 7 feet tall , made from electrical conduit (for the framework), round steel rods, and galvanized steel sheet . The model is powder coated  (blue) stainless steel , plain stainless steel, and galvanized steel sheet, with brass hubs (vertices).  The round wires are held in place in the hubs , Tinkertoy-style , with no solder or glue . The spring tension of the wires balances the whole figure out , for the most part . The sheetmetal faces are tin-soldered  on .

The geometry is based on the polyhedron known as the Icosidodecahedron, consisting of 20  (equilateral) triangular faces , and 12 pentagonal faces . The black & white  graphics depict this regular polyhedron. In my model , the brass hubs correspond to the vertices (points where ends of straight edges meet) of the polyhedron. The ‘woven’ blue star  figures are the pentagonal faces  , and the sheet metal faces are the triangular ones. The  obvious difference that my model is spherical (hemispherical) and the regular polyhedron is ‘blocky’  is because I’ve constructed the  model  by connecting the vertices/hubs with curved wires (instead of straight edges) and in a different way than ‘normal’. The model is hemispherical , being only half of the regular polyhedron, rendered into a dome  instead of a fully spherical planetoid.

Another way to look at the model is to see each hub as being the center point of a circle; a circle described by 2 long blue wires and two short steel wires , in opposing pairs .  If those circles are taken as planes, then the whole thing can be seen as a whole other beast of a polyhedron , but we don’t need to get into it that far . There is enough elegance and beauty in simplicity  with these sculptures, I’ve found, and it’s easy to overcomplicate and clutter them up .  Doglets are shown for scale ; Los Chihuahuas are 10 lbs. between the two of them .

Update 2018 . Only one Chihuahua Overlord remains on the Earth Plane. Zeus the Moose (black & white doglet) has moved on to the Heavenly Realms , and life here is still somewhat empty almost a year later. The big sculpture projects are kaput , for reasons of time and changing obsessions , as far as how to spend scant free time . Music and noise is the new thing . Takes up less space ; is more fun.







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sheltech January 17, 2014 at 9:22 am

Chihuahuas not included !

The large one will be the same as the model shown, design-wise, except the woven star rods will be black steel . Modified hemispherical Icosidodecahedron.

Yleana Martinez January 17, 2014 at 5:03 am

Oh, heck I read, “Doglets shown are for sale.” They look papillon-ish.

i hope you continue to report on this and show pictures as this model becomes the 7×14-foot … is it going to be an icosidodecahedron?

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