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Hoping to get the knack of this blogging stuff, as it seems such fun, I’m ready to write a little about myself and how I arrived here.

My childhood was filled with the pleasures of handicrafts, music and art and I recall gathering unusual and attractive rocks to place on my dresser or windowsill.  My adult life was characterized by the usual.  I became a nurse; got married; had a child and left nursing to care for (eventually) three children.

Sometime during this latter phase in my life, I re-discovered that childlike wonder when I came across some crystal specimens in a gift shop.  Our entire family joined a gem and mineral club so that we could learn about such things and we became “rockhounds”.  Through the generosity of the club members I was able to take classes in lapidary (polishing stones) and later in jewelry fabrication.  These became a satisfying hobby.

In 1984 our family relocated to Mesa, Arizona from our native Midwest.  When the children were older I returned to my nursing profession full time, leaving little time for hobbies.  I was making very little jewelry but enjoying it more and more.  Eventually I began working only part time so that I could take a jewelry course at Arizona State University with hopes of developing my own jewelry business.  However, increasing family responsibilities made it very difficult to continue nursing and also find time to focus on business details and creativity.  I finally gave up nursing to devote more time to my jewelry work and make it my new profession.

Coming “home” to the desert has nourished my spirit and influenced my work significantly. Though our children are grown and scattered now, my husband and I are rooted to this special setting where we continue to explore and delight in its amazing diversity.

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