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Making jewelry is such a tremendous pleasure for me and I am blessed to be able to do what I love doing.  I hope that you enjoy reading this page about how things happen for me at the bench.

I design and fabricate each piece of jewelry myself, using stones and crystals in their natural state or shaped and polished to reveal their beauty.  I especially enjoy wonder-filled pieces such as ancient glass shards, meteorites, fossils, and stones which “play” with light; iridescence, translucency, schiller.  The spare, dramatic lines of my sculptural one-of-a-kind jewelry echo the curves and angles of nature and reflect a Japanese influence.

The design process usually begins with the stones.  I love spreading them out with other pieces such as fossils, crystals or meteorite fragments so that I can discover those which seem to have an attraction for one another.  I find it fascinating that individual materials may be more compelling in combination than separately.  The various elements will suggest a mood or feeling that I interpret visually.

I enjoy working directly with my materials, designing and fabricating each piece with silver or gold or a combination of metals.  Fabrication involves working the metals by cutting, filing, shaping and then joining the parts by soldering or cold connections.  Through techniques such as forming, forging, piercing, appliqué and “hollow” construction I achieve variety in form and volume.

Learning about the geographical and geological origin of stones has increased my appreciation of our earth and its treasures.  As a way of sharing that appreciation, I include a “story” with each one-of-a-kind piece. It identifies the materials used and tells a bit about them.

You can see some examples of the jewelry here.

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