Free-form Brass Trumpet

by admin on May 11, 2010

After I made the base for “Emergence”, it was obvious that I had to make a horn with a similar shape. I’m not a horn player of any kind whatsoever, but I do know the principle of how it’s supposed to work. I can produce a few tortured notes on it. I would love to know if a trumpeter could actually play some simple music with it. It doesn’t really matter, though, because it’s mostly just to look at, and it was not intended to look at all like any “real” horn. Here’s an abbreviated look at how it was made:
The first picture show the cutout shape, second, the piece bent, with a little hammering, into form for silver-soldering. The third picture shows it having been silver-soldered, with the special screw clamp I made to clamp the seam of the bell where it’s out of reach for any of my regular clamps.

01 02 03

Next is the die I made to form the silver mouthpiece, the punches used to form it, and the silver mouthpiece, which started as a 1-1/8″ disc. The outer rim was formed around the outside of the die with a small planishing hammer. The next picture show the finished mouthpiece. The stem is made of brass sheet rolled into tube form and silver soldered. The large end was carefully worked down on the belt sander to match the taper of the bore of the horn. It has a very secure friction fit in the horn.

04 05

Finally, the finished product. It’s 18-1/2″ long x 6″ at the large end.

06 07




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