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by Allan Straton on June 8, 2014

Hi Sonserae

The program is PC based on 64 bit computer with a good graphics card and the ring was printed on a 3D Envisiontec wax printer.

I find that the resin based printers need specialized casting investment and burnout cycles. That makes every item dearer to produce.
I also believe that the commercial 3D printing and casting companies are ripping their customers off with their charges but that is about to change with wax prints that will be on the market shortly at around US$ 5000.00.

I believe if you spray the resin design with acrylic paint that they burnout better.
I find that the wax based patterns are easier and cleaner.
The rendering is Thea Rendering software which comes with the full version of Jewelry Cad Dream.

The Cad industry is trying to say that you can use Cad and 3D printing for commercial production but this is only a fallacy at the moment as the costs are too high for bulk production.
They are good for two types of production and that is Master patterns for lost wax casting and custom made one off designs that enable the jeweller to create items that are virtually impossible to create at the bench. Nothing is impossible but by that I mean the time it takes.

So lets look at the cost between the different type of production.

ImageA photo of the trees before we invest.

For a wax injected item for casting you are looking at say .50 cents to wax inject into a rubber mould which is then treed for casting.
If you went for a 3D printed item at a commercial casters they will charge you for one item around $100 – $150 for the item which is then treed up.

I think I have proved my point there.


This photograph is when we have almost finished our cast for the day looking in the burnout oven.

We also do our own vacuum casting which my father invented in the late 1950’s and our business was established in 1929 by my daughters great grandfather.

The beauty with Jewelry Cad Dream is that the files can be altered at any time. That means you can print the STL file for a specific customer and use your rendered photo to sell it to more clients. If someone else likes the ring or wants say the stone altered or is a different ring size you can alter the file on the fly so to speech and print another STL file to that clients specifications because of the inbuilt changeable history file.

So all the files I will say are never closed unlike the Rhino platform based older engines.
That is why the next generation software is such a fantastic tool for Jewellery designers and why I choose and recommend Jewelry Cad Dream to all designers.
So be very careful when you go into Cad created jewellery that you buy the very best of software.

It will make a huge difference to your efficiency, what you can and cannot create, the services you can provide your client and most important the bottom line.

Go to

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My web site

And I say TRY IT. HIRE IT. BUY IT for a complete appraisal of the program, but do your due diligence before you invest in your future Jewellery Designing business and the future security of your family.

Don’t just believe what people tell you or try to sell you through their own self interest. The due diligence is to compare what all systems actually do and the long term benefits  they produce.


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