Comparison: Rhino Engine, 3Design Engine, Jewelry Cad dream Engine

by Allan Straton on March 22, 2016

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My name is Allan Stratton

In the past I have explained how Jewelry Cad Dream software has a very powerful engine to do complex designs as well as the flexibility for you to change any file at any time.

So to make a comparison I had a friend who knows most CAD programs make a video of the three main Jewelry Cad Design programs on the market making and opening the same item made with the different programs .

It is a must watch video.

An eye opener.

The three program engines are Rhino which is used by Rhino Gold and Matrix V8, 3 Design and Jewelry Cad Dream who’s engine is ZWSoft.

Preview. All on the same computer.

1.Rhino Engine.

Includes Rhino Gold and Matrix V8.

Importing a file around 500mb

The file took just under 6 minutes to load.

The program was sluggish and slow when moving the object around the screen.

The software has difficulty handling a complex piece.

In designing at this level the program is time consuming and difficult.

2. 3Design Engine.


Importing a file around 500mb

The file took just under 16 minutes to try to load the file and then froze meaning it could not cope with the file complexity.

The software is no good for designing such a complex piece.

3. Jewelry Cad Dream engine.

Jewelry Cad Dream built on the ZW engine

Importing a file around 500mb

Making use of the computers CPU

The file took 2.5minutes to load.

The software has no difficulty handling a complex piece.

When designing at this level JCD has no problems.

This shows the difference between under powered programs and a high powered program.

This is why the opposition tried to buy ZW’s engine as they know they are selling software that is inferior but they won’t tell you that. They are happy to sell you a lemon.

The video comparison starts with the Rhino engine, then 3Design and finally Jewelry Cad Dream.

Watch for yourself and you can make up your own mind.

They will say the file was incompatible.

I was as it was to large for their programs to handle.

Try it for yourself.

Make the item we did and see if the program handles it on your program that you use.

Click the photo to watch the video.

Rhino took forever to load the file.

3Design crashed and didn’t have the capacity to open the file.

Jewelry Cad Dream opened it without bother and then we proceeded to alter it.

You too can try this test with a large file but I don’t see the other software up to the challenge.

That’s because Jewelry Cad Dream has a very powerful engine.

As I have said in the past.

Its like comparing a 4 cylinder motor vehicle with a V8.

There is no comparison.

If you had the choice which do you think would satisfy you as a designer the most.

Jewelry Cad Dream prices are more reasonable than most for such a power house program.

Jewelry Cad Dream Professional prices:

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Jewelry Cad Dream Lite Prices:

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Prices subject to change without notice

Allan Stratton

Auckland New Zealand

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Comparison: Rhino Engine, 3Design Engine, Jewelry Cad dream Engine