Jewelry Cad Dream. Some Jewellers buy ZWSoft 3D Direct.

by Allan Straton on June 24, 2015



I am Allan Stratton

With this blog I am going to be hated even more by the Jewelry Cad World but you need to hear the truth.

Some Jewelry blog Groups will not publish this because it is too hard for them to accept.

Some say I am pushing my own agender for my own gain.

Believe what you want.

I will only give you the facts and prove me wrong.

Some jewellers are going to ZW thinking they can create Jewelry from the engine.

You can create Jewelry from the platform but you don’t get the technology or the brilliance of Jewelry Cad Dream.

Its like a blank piece of canvas and starting again.

Jewelry Cad Dream software has taken years to establish and create this brilliant program.

It has everything at your fingertips you will ever need to create Jewellery and getting better all the time.

ZWSoft are partners with John Cavallo and Jewelry Cad Dream.

No-one else in the Jewelry industry can create a Jewelry Platform with ZWSoft.

This platform is top of the range in power and is unlimited to what it can do.

Other 3D jewellery software programs would love this platform but they are out of luck.

They haven’t got the incredible power that allows this program to have alterable history that allows the studios to exist like Jewelry Cad Dream and ZWSoft.

To build another platform like ZWSoft would take years and multi millions of dollars.

Jewelry Cad Dream has it all.

The files that you are creating are static. (Cannot be altered)

They have no place in the next generation Cad world that has been created and are a waste of your time.

The Jewelry programs that you are using cannot be converted to the new world order of Cad Files.

Would you go back 7 years to the old Cell Phones. .

I don’t think so.

Before Apple changed the market. It took awhile to convert the majority but the world has converted.

That is what your files are on your computer that you have just put your faith and your working life’s work on.

But people say to me “We enjoy the program and create great items on those programs”.

I say then keep using those programs if that is what you believe.

That is your decision and your prerogative.

Alot of Cad users of other programs hate me for saying this.

All I am telling everyone is the truth.

I have nothing to loose by telling you the truth.

The truth hurts but is honest.

I get so hurt seeing so many talented designers being ripped off .

I see so many beautiful designs  made by talented people, saved and designed on the old programs never to be seen again.

“But I can make another one if I need to alter it for another customer”.

You can.

But you are missing out on the new Cad world that is being established right now.

All the files created on Jewelry Cad Dream can be part of that new world cad order

Your files cannot.

You can keep learning the old programs or buy into the new type files that are alterable for the new Cad world order.

Some publish their rendered files on facebook in the groups to show their talent.

They have not got dynamic alterable history.

The new 2015 Jewelry Cad Dream program which was released three weeks ago addresses this.

To get into this order the Lite version is only US$2500.

The Professional is dearer at US$5500.

They have a STUDIO.

I have been blogging for two years saying how important it is to have alterable History for the future of your Cad Files.

You will also be able to make residual income from your pattern files.

That is selling files worldwide while you sleep 24/7.

I was called a Moron by other software providers.

Now you know why I was called a Moron.

All the Cad Files I have created are Alterable for the new generation market because I have used Jewelry Cad Dream.

Most other industries and upmarket Cad programs provide this facility for other industries.

ZWSoft have a library of over one million files which you can obtain for most industries.

Robots, Cars, Medical, engineering and now we have Jewelry.

Now watch other developments that ZWSoft are including in there professional engine the platform behind Jewelry Cad Dream.

The platform behind the professional version.

This video is from ZWSoft.

Click the picture to watch this exciting development.


Wow what developments in this fast moving Cad world.


Inquire now.



and free yourself from problems other jewellery cad programs create.

Jewelry Cad Dream software is being upgraded constantly.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Buy from.

Allan Stratton

Auckland New Zealand

Special Promotion code NZ1001


Manuel Angel Piñeiro Solsona



directly to

Jewelry CAD CAM Masters


Email –
Phone –800-537-8346 USA- 561-444-3741 outside USA

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Alok kumar June 24, 2015 at 8:05 am

This software is full customize same I use this software Autocad but still ZWSoft has much broad feature than this.

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