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by Allan Straton on June 14, 2014

I am Allan Stratton at the House of Stratton New Zealand

I would like to thank Steve and Ken for allowing me back into the forum to say who I am and have my say.

After blogging that I had been ejected from the forum I now find that I can enter the forum.

I have been in the Jewellery game for 45 years and I am promoting Jewelry Cad Dream as this program is the next generation in software.
I am not promoting it for the money but I am now a reseller because this is the only way I can legally promote this software.
I do not want anyone to buy this software if they do not think it will benefit them and I can only pass on my experience from how it has helped me, my business, the future way I want to expand and the way Jewelry Cad Dream differs from the other programs.
About myself and company.
At the age of 15 I wanted to go into horticulture but was expected to enter the family jewellery business.
At that age I had a love of orchids and built myself a machine so I could clone orchids from the growing tip and grow hundreds of clones, even thousands in agar. The machine was a rotary wheel with test tubes which would rotate very slowly under glow lux lighting. At that time it was called meri stemming. Now it is called tissue culture, cloning, genetic engineering.
I was bought up in a Jewellery family in which the company was established in 1929 by my grandfather. The picture you see on my blog is the company in 1945.
We have lost wax casting and infact my father invented vacuum casting back in the late 1950’s when he used the old Edwards Vacuum pump and his vacuum chamber was a big kitchen pot with a seal and hole through the top to pour the metal. It worked fantastic. The cans for the trees and investment had holes drilled around them. That is why your cans have holes for vacuum casting. He lined the cans with asbestos tape from the boat chandlers.(Would never use it now). This allowed the air to move more freely from the castings. The items were the finest grain and densest casting that Jim Erwin from Kerrs had ever seen. Jim kept coming to our factory until Kerrs perfected the process. Before that all casting of jewellery was centrifugal.
We have all sorts of equipment.
Drop hammer, presses of all kinds, dies, lathes, Benzinga’s, Sixes machines, NSK machines, CNC you name it we had it.
You can see some of the diversity of the range on my web site.
I had my first computer a Commodore twin floppy disk in 1980 when metal was altering daily.
I designed and had our first program made by John Fisher who went on to create Dungeons and Dragons six months later on the commodore computer. At that time he was a student at university and left for the USA shortly after. Within a year I learnt how to change and program in Basic 4.
In the 1990s I got into digital photos and had my first colour in house made colour catalogue for my customers. The first one to do this in the Jewellery trade in NZ.
In the 1990s I developed a program with a colleague Nafis to develop software that could make a website and allow you to extract the picture files and data into the web site from your own computer.
We were using foxpro at that time for our data based Jewellery program which I still use but has been updated. This was from the program developed in 1980.
So you say I am a reseller.
Yes I asked John and Michele, in fact I basically begged them if I could have the rights to resell Jewelry Cad Dream in New Zealand and Australia because I could see the potential it had and I could see that with the development of a friendly web site in the future it could turn the whole industry around and I will go to those means.They said that if I like I can let the world know about the program so that is what I am doing. I learn’t and still are learning to blog and for some reason Google takes me to the first page on most things I do.
I am now 62 years old and still feel like 20.
I cannot tell my kids that I am 21 any longer because they are older and have children of their own but that how I am.
This program has a potential that no other program on the market currently can achieve in their current form. This I have stated on my blog. With my experience at programing they would have to start the platform again as it is missing some basics. Just like to change mankind it would have to go to the nuclei of the cells we have.
In the future that could change but we are living now.
So if any one wants to question my motive or my credentials then you are most welcome to challenge me.
If you want to ask any of my customers who I am and what I do for them you are also very welcome.

These include Michael Hill, Ann Norman of Pascoes, Beven Nationwide and anyone else.
You can read my blogs on allstr4 in wordpress or jewelrycaddream in wordpress.
I am a person that loves the best of new technology and science and if it helps bring prosperity to allot of people then bring it on. We all need help.

If you want to see the program or have a go
Go to
My special promotion code is nz1001
Notice the one.
I am first. If you have any idea of the future then I would not leave the enquiry too long because this is going to revolutionize the jewellery industry.

Thank you for letting me have my say on the

I am a Junior member. That makes me feel young. Thankyou


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