Jewelry Cad Dream. Who or which program would you back with your future?

by Allan Straton on June 26, 2014



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    Allan Stratton Like I said the other programs are great and made jewellery come into the future just like DOS at one time was fabulous but to keep up with how the programs are tracking now the people who developed this older generation software got complacent and did not keep up with the changes to programming. Unfortunately I have not heard of any upgrades that make a difference to the platform of these programs and in doing that they have stagnated.
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    Allan Stratton With Jewelry Cad Dream you can change all the aspects of the file as well as the platform from ZWSoft corporation is evolving all the time and constantly upgrading because they have invested huge sums of money into the program employing 500 people constantly working to bring you fantastic software and for US$275.00 and the special code NZ1001 you can rent the program for a month to try this dynamic program for yourself.

    Strengths and unique selling points?

    The software offers hybrid modelling, parametrics, and a constraint/relation system to lock down parts, dimensions, etc. It allows for history-based or non-history based design work with direct editing.

    Users can also work on the surfaces of solids with Booleans, and have the added benefit of seamless dress-up features that save time. A history playback recorder with editing is also available. A new addition in 2014 has been the functionality to freeze history and speed up design changes.

    What is the typical turnaround time for creations?

    Turnaround time varies from less than a minute to hours depending on the design.

    What can affect this timing?

    The complexity of the design.  Basics designs can take seconds, whereas very ornate designs will take more time.

    What formats does your software accept? All necessary formats for the jewellery industry along with engineering if needed.

    What assistance is there for designers to take their ideas from concept to creation?

    Weekly webinars, online tutorials, email support, private training, and private group training are all available to show users how to create and properly make fine jewellery.


    Who or which program would you back with your future?

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