Jewelry Cad Dream software : The Fifth Generation. Making a point.

by Allan Straton on October 14, 2014

Why struggle with a Jewellery Cad problem. Use “Jewelry Cad Dream”

My name is Allan Stratton

This charming handsome young man is the next generation interested in making jewellery.
He is my eldest grandson.
The fifth generation.
If he goes with the old handmade jewellery practices he will not have enough work to make a living for his family.
Click the photograph for a demonstration of the power of Jewelry Cad Dream software.


He will need some of the old bench techniques at the moment but the generation after him will not.

His mother Anika has the best program for making jewellery that has been given to the jewellery trade. “Jewelry Cad Dream.

What would you do?

Encourage him to learn the old ways his great great grandfather knew to make a living which will not survive or teach him the new ways his mother knows and is learning at school and are the ways of the future.

He is proficient in computers.

He is learning some of the old ways because our factory has history.

A lot of Jewellers that are accusing me that I don’t know what I am talking about don’t have history.

In 10 years from now he will still be able to alter the ring styles his mother made with jewelry Cad Dream because Jewelry Cad Dream has history with every file created. While he will be able to alter any part of every file his mother creates now he will also be able to buy others files and create more making it easy for generations to come. The inventory created every day is saved digitally and able to be altered through history. Because she uses the next generation software and the file is not a one off creation this means it can be altered and sold over and over again by other generations for eternity. The files you create can be sold as an asset to your business or can be sold to other jewellers on the internet the same as your sell your rings to the trade or clients that seek your expertise.

The handmade patterns cannot survive in the future trade and the jewellery software you are using now if it is not Jewelry Cad Dream ZWSoft software can’t so are YOU thinking of your future?

Who said history was a waste of time. Oh yes it was the opposition software companies and the teachers making a living from their old knowledge who want to sell their old program or knowledge to you.

The handmade patterns cannot survive in the future trade and the jewellery software you are using now if it is not Jewelry Cad Dream ZWSoft software can’t so are YOU thinking of your future? You can also get residual income in future from selling your files to others on the internet.

You say it is secret and I don’t want others to copy it. Anyone with CAD can look at your pattern in a shop, or from a photo and recreate it. The way I see this market is:

You create a file on Jewelry Cad Dream and it might be a one off for a client.

That file is yours and the ring is the clients.

You charge the client $150.00 to create that ring in CAD. At present you don’t use that file again and is lost to the trade forever as it cannot be altered, just recreated.

What if you then put that file up for sale on the internet. At the moment with the program you are using it is a major job to alter that file or near impossible to someone elses requirements.

With Jewelry Cad Dream it is NOT.

You display the rendering and sell a 1000 of that file for $30.00 each.

At that price it is not worth anyone making, copying or pinching your file.

The worst that can happen is that they alter it to suit their client.

That file that you charged $150.00 for your Cad skill is now worth $30,000.00


Lower the price to $10.00

It is now worth $10,000.00

Lower it to $1.00

It is worth $1000.00 which is 6 times the value you are now getting.

And your inventory is rendered photos that can be displayed in shops, on the internet. Does not cost you and you do not need stock.

Gosh has that woken you up. Why are you wasting time creating files that are stored in the depths of your computer never to be seen again. Thats what you are doing every time you use your current software. You are thinking of the old methods of production, not the future.

I was told by some on a group website to put up or shut up. That I was stupid. They banned me for having my say. Other software sellers said that I was advertising and suggested that I did not know what I was talking about.

I am going down this track because I have history and my business goes five generations. This picture says a million words and proves that.

Also Jewelry Cad Dream has the most comprehensive range of tools to aid YOUR quest in creating what your client wants.


And guess what. It does not cost a dim for the demonstration.

Where Can I Purchase JEWELRY CAD DREAM, and How Much Does it Cost?


You can rent the program for one month US$275.00

 with special promotion code NZ1001

If you use other Jewellery Cad programs I recommend that you hire the program for a month to evaluate the difference between what you use and JEWELRY CAD DREAM. In evaluating the program remember that the controls and how you think are totally different from other Cad programs. I recommend that you take the webinars and tutorials and do each one, one at a time as I have noticed that some of the so called experts of the other programs think they know better than us and get frustrated when they try to use JEWELRY CAD DREAM like their previous program. You need to learn JEWELRY CAD DREAM properly. If you have a problem them ask for help.

The total price for Jewelry Cad Dream software is US$4995.00

Webinar lessons and tutorials are US$125.00 per month

 with special promotion code NZ1001

If you learn JEWELRY CAD DREAM software and look for a brighter future than what you currently have from the other jewellery cad programs then you can make this exciting commitment. You will never want to go back to the other programs. You will see the advantages of changing or being able to make Bespoke Jewellery. Once you have made this commitment then the Jewellery world is your oyster. Nothing will be impossible.

Prices can change without notice.

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You can make your own decision which jewellery program you think is the best for you. I know which program I would choose. Jewelry Cad Dream Software.

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