Jewelry Cad Dream. Dynamic history and Parent Offspring changes.

by Allan Straton on February 20, 2015



My name is Allan Stratton

Click any photograph to see the video demonstration.

Jewelry Cad Dream. Dynamic history and Parent Offspring changes.

If you join our classes we will teach you how easy this program is and why ours is the best software on the market.

This program is made for the best Jewellery designers with outstanding results.

If you want the best results, buy the best program.

Remember this program is a high end professional program.

Product Preview

Changing a parent ring into offspring made easy with Jewelry Cad Dream software.

The most advanced Jewelry software on the market.

 Click the photo to see Jewelry Cad Dream software in action .


Versatility without distortion.

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Where Can I Purchase JEWELRY CAD DREAM, and How Much Does it Cost?

If you use other Jewellery Cad programs I recommend that you hire the program for a month to evaluate the difference between what you use and JEWELRY CAD DREAM. In evaluating the program remember that the controls and how you think are totally different from other Cad programs. I recommend that you take the webinars and tutorials and do each one, one at a time as I have noticed that some of the so called experts of the other programs think they know better than us and get frustrated when they try to use JEWELRY CAD DREAM like their previous program. You need to learn JEWELRY CAD DREAM properly. If you have a problem them ask for help.

The total price for Jewelry Cad Dream software is US$5500.00

Webinar lessons and tutorials are $125.00 per month

 with special promotion code NZ1001

If you learn JEWELRY CAD DREAM software and look for a brighter future than what you currently have from the other jewellery cad programs then you can make this exciting commitment. You will never want to go back to the other programs. You will see the advantages of changing or being able to make Bespoke Jewellery. Once you have made this commitment then the Jewellery world is your oyster. Nothing is impossible.

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