Jewelry Cad Dream. Versatility 2. How to Easy change Text to suit what you want.

by Allan Straton on March 11, 2015


My name is Allan Stratton.

Over the next month I will show you why Jewelry Cad Dream is the best software on the market for jewellery.

Forget the rest — Buy the best —– achieve the best results —– and be able to change anything at any time with dynamic history.

Video: How to Change Text with 2015.

Demonstrations by the master of cad “John Cavallo”.


Click on the picture to see the demonstration.

Our policy: Save time and effort, Don’t do the same job more than once. Save time by using DYNAMIC HISTORY. You can save every file and create templates to repeat the same job. You can make items and settings with restraints to create a myriad  of templates to use in future items. Every item can be saved and changed to create an offspring from the parent object.

You can now apply for subscription to learn Jewelry Cad Dream.


No other Jewelry Cad software has DYNAMIC HISTORY. This is the pinnacle of changeable details in files.

Jewelry Cad Dream policy is  SUBSCRIBE or RENT  IT, TRY IT, BUY IT

Apart from the demonstrations there is no FREE trials.

Rental trial period is one month which costs US $300.00

To buy the package outright is US $5500.00

If you buy the 2014 program now you automatically get the 2015 version when it is released FREE.

All upgrades for the year are FREE.

For such a good software package, the program is what I call fantastic value for money.

The software is the best and most dynamic Jewelry Software package you can buy.

Technology is moving fast. Others upgrade sometime.

Jewelry Cad Dream software is being upgraded constantly.

Allan Stratton

Special Promotion code NZ1001


Manuel Angel Piñeiro Solsona

or directly to

Jewelry CAD CAM Masters

Email –
Phone –800-537-8346 USA- 561-444-3741 outside USA

Advanced Training in

Jewelry CAD Dream

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