Jewelry Cad Dream. You’ve seen the car now see how it was made. ZW3D style.

by Allan Straton on June 4, 2015


My name is Allan Stratton

ZWSoft 3D is a very powerful platform and very high end program.

Jewelry Cad Dream software has this  powerful platform and is specifically made for Jewellers with all the accessories on revolving carousels which you can choose to create your model.

But because Jewelry Cad Dream is so versatile you can create your own templates and add them to the library.

Add all your model files to this library so they too become templates or components for future items that can be changed and you begin to see the true power of ZWSoft 3D and for jewellers Jewelry Cad Dream.

All templates and components have their own history which can be altered individually.

Not being able to alter your files is like someone using Microsoft Word and being able to write a letter but not been able to cretech it when finished or your house burning down and not having insurance.

With Jewelry Cad Dream software your cad work becomes a very valuable library of changeable files.

Like Countersketch is a valuable library to the owner.

Not lost to the archives never to be used or seen again.

One of my customers rang me to query about Jewelry Cad Dream software.

She said that she gets her rings done by a leading Cad Designer in NZ for customers and finds that if other customers want an alteration to rings she has already had designed, she has to pay for a whole new ring file.

I had to explain that this is because they cannot alter her files and he would have to create the ring file from scratch.

She thought this was so stupid and unfair as it is costing her too much to have small alterations done when she has already paid for the pattern previously.

I had to inform her that it is because they have to create the pattern from scratch with the program they are using. With Jewelry Cad Dream professional or Jewelry Cad Dream lite she could learn our program with lessons, create her own pattern files, alter any pattern file as many time as she wants without creating the pattern again and create a better more profitable business.

How is that for versatility and cost saving.

Dreams are free. Time and money is not. As we get older we all realise this.

Jewelry Cad Dream software is top of the range for versatility where it comes to designing and altering jewellery cad files.

You saw a Ferrari designed by ZW3D.

Now see the extent that ZWSoft can design anything. It designs with ease.

Who said that jewelery programs aren’t engineering programs?

That’s like saying water is dry.

Click the photo to see the amazing car being designed by ZW3D


If you can design and alter a super vehicle imagine what you can create with the jewellery program.

You may wonder why I am showing you that with Jewelry Cad Dream and ZWSoft you can create anything your mind dreams .

Remember this model could become a charm or a ring or anything else you would like.

As you become more skilled and sell bespoke items to your customers, with this program they will know that if there needs to be any alteration you will be able to alter it with the dynamic history.

One day you might be able to afford you dreams.

For jewellers they can be assured that with a complicated pattern or a really difficult customer, you can satisfy your customer and yourself because to correct the item to the customers wishes there are no problems. Don’t make the whole pattern again causing you frustration. Just go back in history and change it.

The software is the best and most dynamic Jewelry Software package you can buy.

Technology is moving fast. Others upgrade sometime.

Jewelry Cad Dream software is being upgraded constantly.

Prices subject to change without notice.

If you want to purchase this fabulous program then contact one of the following people.

Allan Stratton

Auckland New Zealand

Special Promotion code NZ1001


Manuel Angel Piñeiro Solsona



Teacher of Jewelry Cad Dream in Spanish. 


directly to

Jewelry CAD CAM Masters


John Cavallo:

Teacher of Jewelry Cad Dream in English.

Email –
Phone –800-537-8346 USA- 561-444-3741 outside USA

Advanced Training in

Jewelry CAD Dream.

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