Jewelry Cad Dream 2015 software release. The Professional Version is the Best of all.

by Allan Straton on June 16, 2015


My name is Allan Stratton

Do you want the best Cad tools money can buy?

Do you want no Barriers or Boundaries when Designing on Cad?

Do you want to be able to change any file at any time?

Do you want to have the ability to alter your designs when your customers change their minds?

Do you want Flexibility in design?

If you are a Professional Cad Designer then this program for you.

Jewelry Cad Dream Professional is not for the Amateur Cad Designer but the Amateur Cad Designers can become Professionals with this program.

Click the picture to watch a demonstration.
8520151 Lesson

This is a serious program.

A program with no boundaries.

A program that is powerful enough for all your needs.

Lean yourself and don’t pay someone else a lot of money to make your jewellery patterns.

Keep your own Cad files that are valuable for residual income and you will be able to make alterations to suit other customers.

Use the extensive professional studio patterns to help design the items you need to






Any items your create or change.

Add to the Studio.

Create an extensive portfolio of Cad files.

Buy or swap with others in the Dream Team.

All able to be altered.

Is this a Dream.

No, its the new Jewelry Cad Dream 2015 Professional software.


JCD  Full  Professional Version of Jewelry Cad Dream 2015 software with Professional JCD Studio .

Full price US$5500.00.

Specifications and what you receive with this version.

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See attached PDF’s for ZW2015 upgrades. All of LITE tools plus the Full Standard Edition ZW Hybrid

•Modelling Engine

•Gems_Settings Tab-

• Custom Tapered Baguette
• Custom Emerald Creator
• Fit Stones in Empty Gaps
• Place Gemstones Library
• Assign Materials
• Pave Prongs Library
• Prongs Profile Library
• Uniform Prongs-Shared/Common-Automatic
• Scaled Prongs-Shared/Common-Automatic
• Pave Prongs-Automatic
• Scaled 4-Prongs-Automatic
• Uniform 4-Prongs-Automatic
• Manual Prongs-Straight or Mushroom
• Automatic Bezels for Gemstones
• Automatic Under-bezels for Gemstones
• Automatic Wire Settings for Gemstones
• Automatic Halo Generator
• Micro Pave V Cuts Automatic
• Micro Pave Scallop Automatic
• Micro Pave V Cut Automatic
• Merge Boolean Add Prongs-Automatic
• Trellis Builder for Common and Unique Gemstone
• Halo Templates- Arc Side; Half Round Halo; Square Halo; Step Halo; Top Channel Halo
• Halo on Gems Automatic
• Bezel on Gems Automatic
• Under-bezels on Gems Automatic
• Wire Settings on Gems Automatic
• 40 Scallop Cutters for all gemstones

•Pave Tab-

•Pave on Multiple surfaces at the same time

• Scaled Gem Array on Curve Uniform Gem Array on Curve Offset Border Curves Automatic
• Gems Between Two Curves
• Gems Between Multiple Curves

• Gems on Medial Curves
• UV Gemstone Pattern Automatic
• Jelly Pave for very unique surfaces
• Springs Pave Between 2 Curves
• Springs Pave Between and Array and a Curve
• Spherical Pave Automatic
• Semi-spherical Pave Automatic
• Pave Fill a surface Automatic
• Pave Spread from and existing Pave Array Automatic
• Nudge Array of an existing Pave Automatic
• Gems between 2 Curves Connected-Ideal for Emerald cuts;

•Squares and any Multiple surfaces and curves
• Baguettes between 2 curves
• Fancy Gems between 2 curves
• Alternating Gems Shapes between 2 curves

•Design-Sketches-Ring Tab-

• Scrolls Library
• Stars Library
• Miscellaneous Sketches Library
• Gem Shapes Sketches Library
• Fancy Pierce Work Library
• Pattern Sketches Libraries for Pierce Work
• Zodiac Sketches Libraries
• Text Tool Planar
• Text Tool in UV (3D) Space
• Inlay Curves for Pave, etc.
• Pendant Bail Libraries
• Jump Ring Libraries
• Chain Tool Libraries
• Scaled any Object Array Tool
• Uniform any Object Array Tool
• Scaled Milgrain Tool
• Uniform Milgrain Array Tool
• Ring Sizing Tool
• Outer Ring Shape Sketches
• Braided Ring Automatic
• Scoop Sketch
• Ring Top Profile Libraries
• Eternity Ring Profiles Libraries
• Point Corner Point Symmetrical Sketch Builder
• Curve Direction Changer
• Sketch to Simple Gem Builder
• Component to Sketch Builder
• Objects Between Gemstones Builder
• Matching Band Creator
• Ring Scoop Tool

• Export-Rendering Tab-
• All Jewelry Counter tools for Rendering
• Thea Live Rendering for customer who purchased Thea
• Thea Export Scene
• Export OBJ
• Live Rendering Studio
• Sprue Creator for Printing or Casting

Tools_Cutters Tab-

• Automatic Inquire Gem
• Automatic Inquire Metal
• Bill of Materials
• Tweak Component Tool
• Filter Merge of Component Tool
• Extract a Shape to convert to a Component
• Mark a surface for easier changes
• Replicate an existing component Tool
• Move an existing component Tool
• Mirror Components
• Pilot Cutters
• Round Azure Cutters
• Square Azure Cutters
• Hex Azure Cutters
• Cylinder Cutters
• Elliptical Cutters
• Straight Cutters
• Straight Cutters with a Chamfer
• Merge Boolean Subtraction of Cutters Automatic
• Channel setting cutters library
• Honeycomb Azure Cutters
• Pre Cut Pave
• Wire Cut Automatic

EXTRA OPTIONS not included in the price.
• Import OBJ or Zbrush OBJ to Nurbs—-X-tra charge—WIP
• Boolean Buster-Boolean Via STL and 3D Print Ready Fix Tool—–X-tra charge



Full library of jewelry components and designs including Class Rings . Be able to cut, modify and paste jewelry cad designs or work from a complete history in most instances to recreate your designs as you like.

Class 7th June

ZWSoft is the extremely powerful platform behind JCD.

In 2015 it has just got a lot more powerful.

Imagine a supercharged V12 motor and multiply that ten times in the Cad world.

What is new with ZWSoft 3D’s powerful engine.


Click the photo of the vehicle to find out what is new with ZW2015

It’s a PDF File 124 pages of very interesting reading demonstrating what’s new.

ZWSoft and JCD is  advancing in supersonic proportions..

You can lease, rent or buy.

Like I said in my last blog. There are no limitations with Jewelry Cad Dream software as far as the versatility and what the program allows you to create.

The new web site will have unlimited tutorials in the library of previous classes for your reference as well as on-line seminars.

With Jewelry Cad Dream and ZWSoft you can create anything your mind desires.

As you become more skilled and sell bespoke items to your customers, with this program they will know that if there needs to be any alteration you will be able to alter it with the dynamic history.

One day you might be able to afford you dreams.

For jewellers they can be assured that with a complicated pattern or a really difficult customer, you can satisfy your customer and yourself because to correct the item to the customers wishes there are no problems. Don’t make the whole pattern again causing you frustration. Just go back in history and change it.

The software is the best and most dynamic Jewelry Software package you can buy.

Technology is moving fast. Others upgrade sometime.

Jewelry Cad Dream software is being upgraded constantly.

Prices subject to change without notice.

If you want to purchase this fabulous program then contact one of the following people.

Allan Stratton

Auckland New Zealand

Special Promotion code NZ1001


Manuel Angel Piñeiro Solsona



Teacher of Jewelry Cad Dream in Spanish. 


directly to

Jewelry CAD CAM Masters


John Cavallo:

Teacher of Jewelry Cad Dream in English.

Email –
Phone –800-537-8346 USA- 561-444-3741 outside USA

Advanced Training in

Jewelry CAD Dream.

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