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by Allan Straton on October 13, 2015

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My name is Allan Stratton.

A newcomer this year, Jewelry CAD Dream LITE 2015 offers the user a fully capable jewelry modeling experience for a rock bottom price. This software package opens up the doorway of jewelry design to the masses, where affordability was once an issue. But now, with no compromise on functionality, comes Jewelry CAD Dream LITE; a game changer in both price and performance.



Full History

 JCD LITE comes equipped with a fully associative, dynamic history; allowing for complete customization through each step of your design build. Many other – more expensive – software programs do not offer such a well developed history, which can lead to a lot of time wasted on recreating parts of your build.

Hybrid Modeling New

Hybrid Modeling

 JCD LITE runs on the ZW3D hybrid modeling system. Hybrid modeling integrates solid, surface, and wireframe geometry so that they can be used in a single model to build the necessary features. Most other modeling programs are limited to either solids or surfaces when defining their features, which can lead to a loss of time and flexibility.


Organic Designing

 Use the extensive morphing tools and direct editing features to create flowing and organic shapes. Wrap, pattern, inlay, bend and emboss to set your work apart from the rest.


Pavé Tools

 JCD LITE has 17 pavé specific tools, from Baguette arrays to Jelly Pavé surfaces to Multiple Row Pavé. With huge variety, you will take pleasure in the ease of creating beautiful, original, gem encrusted jewelry pieces.


Setting Tools

 With a selection of easy-to-use setting tools, JCD LITE let’s you easily set your gemstones in a variety of ways. From bezels to wire settings to prongs and more, find the setting you want and then play around with its parameters to get exactly what you had in mind.


Cutter Tools

 JCD LITE’s range of cutting tools make life easy not only for the designer, but for the bench jeweler as well. Make the cuts you need in the software, from Micro Pavé Scallops to Azure Cutters to Honeycomb Cutters; setting has never been easier.


Gemstone Tools

 The gemstone library let’s you choose from 18 different faceted cuts and over 65 gemstones, from Aquamarine to green Tourmaline; or select from a range of pearls and customizable cabochons. JCD LITE also has Tapered Baguette and Emerald creators, allowing for more flexible designing with unusual stones.



Free with JCD LITE comes a component library full of premade basic designs that the user has complete control over. With this the user can easily develop an extensive personal jewelry inventory in very little time.



 The smart constraints within the sketching environment allow for absolute control over your 2D drawings, allowing for smooth customization of your resultant 3D shapes.



 JCD LITE includes a fast live render so you can visualize your piece at any point during the design process to ensure your concept is coming to fruition. And get the Thea Render add-on for superb, ultra-realistic visuals.

Printer Ready

Printer Ready

 The end goal of design is manufacture. JCD LITE gives you all the tools necessary to take your designs through effective production. Easily export your designs as STL files to have them seamlessly printed, either by yourself or by a service bureau of your choosing.


And Much More…

Rendering Props, Ring Sizing, Milgrain, Chain Tool, Jump Rings, Pendant Bails, Braided Ring, Pierce Work, Textures, Materials, Heal Tools, Halo Creator, V-Cuts, Sprue Creator, Drawing Sheet, Bill of Materials, Stone & Metal Weights…

Jewelry CAD Dream 2015 LITE Version

  1. Full price of the lite version US$2,850

  2. 7 Month Terms- a down payment of $1,250 to start, with 6 additional monthly payments of US$223.79. A new 30 day license will be given after every payment. You will not own a permanent license until you are paid in full.

    This includes:

  1 year maintenance

  • 1 year email support

  • Free Basic Tutorials

  • *Extra Cost* Thea Rendering US$300

*We offer additional training along with the basic tutorials. You can have access to our deep library of paid for basic and advanced tutorials for US$125 Monthly. Along with this are  weekly online events (time to time a weekly event may be canceled, but not often). You can cancel this additional training anytime. A 30 day notice via email is needed.

If you purchase Jewelry CAD Dream LITE 2015 and want to upgrade to Jewelry CAD Dream 2015 FULL Version the upgrade cost is US$3,000.

“Still not convinced this is the best jewelry Cad program on the market.

You are right there is one which is better.

 Next I will post in detail the Professional version of 2015.”

Prices subject to change without notice.

Allan Stratton

Auckland New Zealand

Special Promotion code NZ1001


Manuel Angel Piñeiro Solsona



directly to

Jewelry CAD CAM Masters


Email –
Phone –800-537-8346 USA- 561-444-3741 outside USA

So if you are a hobbyist, award winning jeweler or high volume manufacturer

Jewelry CAD Dream is the program for you.

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