Solving Problems in Class

by coralnut on October 25, 2008

Thank you Carrie.  I love your web page.  Your designs are simple but elegant (my passion) and very well crafted.  Keep up the good work.  Re classes, please go to and click on The Art School.  That will give you the whole shabang.  In addition to painting, photography, sculpting, and clay, we have a very active jewelry studio and very very talented instructors.   Take a look and give me your impression.  Cheers

Anne: So nice to see you online!!!  Well, who knows I might gather some of the more interesting problems into a collage.  I have published four items in the Lapidary Journal on my black coral in 2000 and another on soldering in Art Jewelry in 2005.  I have two more articles written but have not had the time to take the picts and all that.  We shall see!!  Cheers and see you in class.




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