Value of Black Coral

by coralnut on March 3, 2011

As many of you have noticed I am sure, there are many comments to my initial blog on black coral that ask the value of black coral from various places and of various types.  I have chosen not to respond to these questions individually because I have posted a general view on how black coral is evaluated and how it sells on the market.

On the other hand, I can understand why people who have black coral that they may have obtained from someone else, found on a beach many years ago, or inherited from a family member, and would want to know the value of same.  So, I allow these posts simply so others can see who has black coral they might be willing to sell, trade or otherwise.  I will continue to do so. But, I accept no responsibility for any ‘deal’ that might be made as a result of contacts made from these posts that result in unhappiness of either the buyer or seller.  My post on relative value of black coral is taken from my own personal experiences and should not be considered ‘financial’ advice. 

Thanks to all who have read my post and either enjoy working with this beautiful medium or have commented on what I have had to say.  Hopefully, in the near future I will be posting an update to the basic artical with some additional tips on working with it.  Cheers to all, Don




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