Cooperman and Damewood together!

by jaywhaley on April 17, 2010

What a circus we’ve got going on this weekend!

At our studios we have both Andy Cooperman doing a 3 day workshop, and Loren Damewood teaching a  2 day woven wire workshop.

Loren has his group out on our tree shaded balcony working with them right now making silver wire bracelets on a custom built jig he has his students using.  One end of their bracelet wire is tied to the wrought-iron balcony railing, the other end is attached to the wooden jig each student holds in their  hand. Loren is going from student to student helping them correctly wrap their wire around and through the jig they hold.  Early morning walkers heading to a breakfast restaurant in the Hillcrest 5th Ave. walk below the balcony, oblivious to the activities going on above their heads.

Andy Cooperman is holding court with his popular workshop “Imaginative Captures” in Studio A next door. In his workshop, using an entire table of samples of his inventive work, he teaches his 11 students new ways to “capture” or set stones and other objects into jewelry of their own design.  The studio his students are working in is packed, and there have been a few complaints about lack of space, but the natural lighting and good ventilation of the Studio A seems to be appreciated by Andy’s students.

Robert Liu, the editor of Ornament Magazine is also here this morning to photograph both workshops, which we hope will appear in an upcoming issue of Ornament.  Robert brought with him a small box full of the current issue of Ornament magazine to give out to the workshop participants.  What a guy!

We’ll take our own photos as well as some video-tape, to show what is going on in these busy days, and try to post them on our website,  or

It’s hard to comprehend all the energy coming out of these workshops…

—Jay Whaley

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