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This is my very first blog.  Forgive me for mistakes I may make getting this going.  I spent probably 20 minutes or more just trying to get my username and password made active.  Now that I think of it, unless I can figure out my password the next time, this may be my last blog, as well…

BlogTalkRadio, on which I have a Thurs. afternoon ( 3 -4 pm) show, has really been an eye opener.  With about 4 months of shows behind us, I am learning an amazing amount of information that I would never have discovered any other way.  I have also made a number of valuable connections with experts in the metalsmithing world, and made a lot friends, as well.  Who knew that all those “big name” jewelry artists were such down-to-earth nice people?!

John Rose, on yesterday’s BlogTalkRadio program, spoke about how the jewelry industry, to become relevant to the public, has to stop the squabbling between studio and commercial jewelers, and start figuring out how to put jewelry artists into the public’s awareness.  So what famous jeweler’s names are John Q. Public familiar with?  None?

Public attendance at art galleries as well as jewelry galleries is incredibly low, according to figures John cites, so can this be the ideal venue to display and sell jewelry??  John Rose mentioned that he was recently in a show that was installed in the lobby of the L.A.X. airport.  Think a lot of people saw his work?  Maybe jewelers need to figure out ways to display our work in higher traffic venues, available to more of the general public?

What kind of strategy is needed to make jewelers more relevant to the public?

Perhaps jewelry instructors ( including myself here) can help to educate those outside our field, through hands-on experience,  a better understanding  and deeper appreciation of hand-made jewelry.

I feel as John Rose does, that teaching others to make their own jewelry very likely fosters the buying of other artist’s work,  spurring more sales in the industry in general.


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