Why so much sharing of information?

by jaywhaley on September 23, 2010

This afternoon, I had an hour long interview with noted stone cutter/jeweler Michael Boyd on my weekly BlogTalkRadio show.   I asked Michael a lot of questions about his background, where he lives, and many questions about techniques he uses in his work.  During our talk, I found myself taking copious notes on two special techniques Michael uses in his work, because I knew that I would need that information myself, and maybe soon.

The first thing I found myself writing down was about a special 3-1 epoxy glue he uses to glue stones together with, which dries perfectly clear.  I hadn’t known about this glue, but Michael gave out as much information as he could about not only the glue’s properties, but even the internet company he buys it from! He didn’t have to share this amount of information with me and the people that were listening to the interview, but he felt compelled to share this information.

I asked him about how he drilled holes in stones, to mount other stones to them.  Michael could have given me a general answer that would have answered my question, but he continued on, explaining in detail how the process was accomplished, even giving the name of the drill bits he uses and their dimensions!

There is a lot of trial and error, sweat and tears that go into learning the many techniques that define our individual metalsmithing styles.  So much time and experimentation goes into becoming competent in our jewelry skills.  What kind of a person would so willingly give up so much valuable information that is such an important part of their livelihood ?

Well, a person like Michael Boyd, and so many others in our metalsmithing community, who just feel that it is their duty and obligation to share what we know.  I’m truly impressed, and grateful for the good information.

–Jay Whaley

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