Interview with Thomas Mann on Metalsmith BenchTalk on BlogTalkRadio!

I hope some of you caught the interview I had with Thomas Mann this afternoon at 3:00.  If you didn’t, you can listen here.

What a talented guy!  I asked him, at one point whether he thought we might be able to somehow distill the “essence” of Tho. Mann, bottle it, and market it.  I thought it would be a great seller.

Tom is a wonderful mentor for many up and coming jewelry artists, and has so much vital business information that jewelers need to stay in business in these crazy times.

Thomas Mann said during his interview that he was on the road 240 days last year, doing craft shows, workshops, and lectures.  Wow.  This is a movin’ kind of guy, barely finding time for his hobbies sailing and cooking.  He’s even working on a cook book, believe it or not!

I’d urge you to listen to what Tom has to say, by downloading his interview from our Whaley Studios website. Click on the BlogtalkRadio tab, and you’ll see the offerings of past interviews we’ve done there.

—Jay Whaley

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