Home at last

by jenlane on January 11, 2009

Hi every one I am home at last,

thanks for some of emails encouraging me. I  had surgery on my spine and it fail and unfortunately I am worse off now then before, but I still have most of the use of my hands, just got out of the spinal rehab unit in Miami. Worked very hard and surpassed every mark they set but its now official I am a paraplegic. there I said it that’s the hard part. the rehab was the best thing I could have done for my self because of them I can do almost every thing I need to do for my self. even with a full body cast on. yup from my hip to my upper chest is a cast. 6 more weeks and I can get rid of it. next week a new challenge one I have been doing for 35 years, I get to learn to drive.  ow man independence yaaaaa. I have spent the past week trying to set up my bench almost done 3 little bracket are kicking my *&^&*^& but I am not giving up. the space is 6×4 ok its really small, have a copy of bench book, thank god I would never have gotten what I have in that small space with out all the ideas from that book. when I get that last shelf hung (the three brackets) I will post all new photos managed to get a very small table top bench and a few tools from the sale of my chasing tools which I am starting to stock pile so if any one needs some my prices are the cheapest around probably to cheap but the work is first rate. time to buy some metal and realy get to work 4 hour a day on pt and 4 on jewelry and tools makes for a full day work. did I forget to mention I think doctors are full of them selfs.(WAY NICER THEN I WANT TO SAY IT) I WILL WALK WITHIN THE NEXT 6 MONTHS, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FEEL IT TO USE IT.




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