new centrifuge

by jenlane on May 28, 2009

Well for a year now I have wanted to learn casting some nice person sent me a home make how to manual all I needed was equipment. a bit hard to come by when money is real tight or in my case almost none existent. last week I saw a centrifuge listed on eBay it was in with the medical equipment you know the blood centrifuges used to separate blood. so on one even knew it was there and he had a very low start price way to low as i was the only bidder. it arrive today and it is way bigger then any casting machine i have ever seen and heavy. solid stainless steel. but no makers name can be found so I know nothing at all about this machine. spines very fast but i do not know how to wind it up there is a little pin that pops up I can pull it up by hand but i do not even know which way to wind this up. or if the spring inside is any good. If anyone knows anything about this machine please contact me. some how I think I purchase way more machine then I could ever use. I think you could make entire trees of rings with this not the one or two little pendents I planned on using it for.



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