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just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas, its been a while since any one has heard from me so very short update. i finely had surgery on my back in the hopes of walking but it did not work out to well the doctor try-ed but he severed the root nerve and damaged the cord. i am currently in Jackson memorial spinal rehab unit in Miami Florida and hope to return home next week i could not bring any tools so after 4 hour of therapy each day i have been dieing of boredom can’t wait to get home and get to work. OK so now we know i will never have my legs but i have 2 very good arms, my hands are working better you do not have to feel them to use them (a hard learned lesson from therapy) , talent and drive, not the Christmas i hoped for but i cant thank all of you who helped me this passed year enough with out your help and encouragement i would have not done as well as i have thank you merry Christmas and god bless you all.

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