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Some of us have our life’s changed by small degrees and others suddenly for me dec 27th 2007 was the end of a 30+ years occupation as a chef and kitchen manager but I was lucky as a teen to learn smithing from one of the few Iroquois silversmiths still working with the knowledge passed down generation to generation. The Navaho where not the only native tribe to use smithing but the Iroquois learned a few tricks from the French. I even still have a necklace passed down at least 150 or more years  each generation added to it except for me.  One day I will too. when the time is right.

One of the first things I learned is if you want to learn how to make  jewelry first you have to learn to make your tools. Well Now that I am in need of a new occupation that will allow for a few restrictions I will be making jewelry, So I am making my tools. While I am making my tools, I will be making some to sell, So that I can buy a few things I can’t make.  I may like the old fashion way but I like a few of the new modern toys too. 

I will gladly make any tools to order sometimes you have a design in your head but need a tool that does not exist to bring it to life, that is why you need to learn to make tools or know some one who does, now you do, if that’s the case drop me a line or these days a email. 

I am trying to open a on line store to sell my tools and later my jewelry but I am having a time with just this blog so I think I would be better off paying some one to do the store for me. If I can’t make a nice looking blog then a store is way out of my reach.

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jenlane February 11, 2009 at 7:37 pm

when I learned, making your own tools was part of the learning. a part I would never change and I was not given work comp paychecks. when I was injured I had no help and only just started getting my ss check and food stamps. so I had no money for tools and what money I did earn went to the landlord and cvs. I work in silver gold and steel. I just purchased my first store made mold nice heavy, made to last a life time but after having used it I miss the versatility of my old hand made one including the ability to make a new frame in any shape in a matter of minutes. but it still hard to get my hands to grip hard to do just that, so I will live with and learn to love my new mold, the fact that I was able to even buy it was a thrill for me, $38 is more like $380. these days. good luck and best wishes always

waynemiller February 11, 2009 at 6:39 pm

Jen, I disagree on having to make your own tools. Tools are easy,it is what you want to do with them is the key. I can spend very little money on tools and do every thing that a Goldsmith or silversmith can do. What area do you want to work in ? wayne

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