Chasing and Repousse Tools

by jenlane on May 7, 2009

get your tools custom made in paradise

Some of us have our lives changed by small degrees and others suddenly for me dec 27th2007 was the end of a 30+ years occupation as a chef and kitchen manager but I was lucky as a teen to learn smithing from one of the few Iroquois silversmiths still working with the knowledge passed down generation to generation. The Navaho where not the only native tribe to use smithing but the Iroquois learned a few tricks from the French. One of the first things I learned is if you want to learn how to make jewelry first you have to learn to make your tools. Well Now that I am in need of a new occupation that will allow for a few restrictions I will be making jewelry, So I am making my tools. While I was making my tools, I starting making some to sell, only to find out how popular they are, and that very few poeple even remember how. I will gladly make any tools to order sometimes you have a design in your head but need a tool that does not exist to bring it to life let me make it for you.

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