new stockist and good company

10 April 2014

I am so very excited to announce my newest stockist, Equinox Gallery in San Antonio. My shiny objects with dashes of color were shipped off yesterday hoping to arrive in time for Fiesta!As I made piles of silver dust in my studio I kept thinking of all…

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a rare moment

7 April 2014

here I am photographing new work. it is a rare moment indeed when i am captured without knowing. thanks to work coming soon!xo, kimPlease leave a comment, I would love to see what is on your mind.

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handmade for me

4 April 2014

Long, long ago at a craft fair I was neighbors with Mei-Ling of Twitch and Whiskers. From across the aisle I kept eyeing her thimble necklaces. There were so many thimble and charm combinations to choose from. I easily helped a friend pick one which wa…

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April birthstone sale

1 April 2014

Seeing as the birthstone for April is diamond, I realized I could chose most any color. I went with ‘raven’ as my favorite diamonds are black. Use code ‘diamond’ in my April Sale section to get 20% off any raven design. I would love to make a cust…

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I truly love my customers!

10 March 2014

Recently a fellow placed an order for these two pairs of earrings from my supermarket shop.  I dropped him a line to see how he would like them packaged and if he wanted me to type a little note. My customer replied asking me to pack them up …

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9 March 2014

I have a story to share. A lovely woman in France ordered this Parisian blue nasturtium necklace from me. She had a simple request, to have ‘Capucine’ engraved on the back of the necklace. She shared a story with me which made me determined to have thi…

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aquamarine sale

4 March 2014

I have decided to offer an enameled hue to represent each month’s birthstone for the rest of the year. For March ‘snow’ and ‘pollen’ will be 20% off with code ‘aquamarine’ at checkout. If you would like a necklace to match the pollen earrings email me …

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fool for love

17 January 2014

Fellas, Valentine’s Day is coming. Show your lady you are a fool for love with some fool’s gold bling. Shop for fool’s gold earrings,  necklaces or any of my bling. Buy handmade and make your lady happy. xo, kimPS: buying …

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shades of plum!

16 January 2014

For some time now I have been meaning to write a series of blog posts inspired by color in my handmade community. Often I see that makers I know are working with similar hues. Whether it be hand sewn attire, hand dyed yarn, felted goods or handmade acc…

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to the moon and back

15 January 2014

I have this thing for collecting old hammers. The more dinged up and used the better. I never have a particular plan for its use when I purchase these hammers, but I continue buying more and more knowing they will find a use one day. Making jewelr…

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