Inspiration, teal & poppy!

3 September 2013

After an entire winter of wearing these red boots and toting this teal bag, I started to miss these colors as  summer rolled around.Seeing as my clothes are often varying shades of grey I love to add pops of color with accessories.  My f…

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christmas in july!

30 July 2013

Seeing as I am writing this blog post with just one short July day left I am going to extend this sale until August 3rd. Enjoy free continental shipping on clearance items in my etsy shop. Happy Summer!KimPlease leave a comment, I would love …

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spring greens are here to stay

26 June 2013

The thing I love most about seeing the trees and grass starting to turn green in spring is that green is here to stay deep into the summer. And it is just going to get greener.happy summer!xo, kimps: won’t you follow me on bloglovin’? i hear that is wh…

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goodbye to the purples of spring

25 June 2013

Here are some purple blooms from my beloved season, spring!columbine from my fire escape garden!It seems that no matter which hues I post from spring irises are my favorite blooms, no matter what their shade is. happy summer even though I am still…

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oh poppy! a new hue…

24 June 2013

Poppies are one of my favorite blooms. The varieties amaze me and the colors are so vibrant and full of life. I saw these lovely specimens while driving through my city’s streets and pulled over to snap a few photos. Aren’t they wonderful? Full of…

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full moon and peace

23 June 2013

A couple of full moons ago we drove out to the beach to appreciate the full moon shining bright over the ocean. Whenever I get a chance to slow down, breathe deep and take in the night I gaze at the moon and it occurs to me that no matter where my frie…

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spring blues

21 June 2013

 Here are some blues I captured this spring.Irises fascinate me. One day there will be a permanent one on me as an iris is the last thing I ever drew for my grandmother. Along with my other grandmother she raised me, encouraged me, praised me and …

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spring yellows

20 June 2013

 …along with some whites, purples and oranges…I already miss the daffodils.xo, kimPlease leave a comment, I would love to see what is on your mind.

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spring whites

19 June 2013

Even white blooms are bursting with color! Spring is my favorite season. So much so, I brought a little bit of spring inside so I could smell lilacs as I fell asleep and right when I woke up.happy spring!xo, kimPlease leave a comment, I would love…

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spring pinks

18 June 2013

Is it just me or has spring come and gone faster then ever this year? I haven’t had time to share the spring blossoms I captured this year so I am posting them by color. Maybe this makes for a shorter and sweeter post…My favorite pictures are the rai…

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