Rain Drops (Keep Falling From Your Ears)

October 8, 2010

Rain Drops Earrings – These sterling silver disks are textured using a chasing technique so it has the appearance of falling rain.  The silver tear drops have been added to attract the eye via their movement.  [Click the image to be taken to The Adventurous Silversmith to view other pictures and purchase] All items purchased from The […]

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All the other stuff you have to learn

October 2, 2010

Choosing Silversmithing as my future (third) career by it’s self requires you to learn quite a bit and I am not just talking about how to hammer the **damn** metal. You have to learn and know: Math –  which includes doing geometry;  weight (grams, ounces and troy ounces);  area (inches, metric and those pesky fraction and […]

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1, 2 – no change that to 3..uh.. wait maybe 4 things…

September 19, 2010

To start.. THIS IS MY 100th POST! So thanks to all who have been following me. I did my first post on 31 March 2009 so by my rough estimate that is 76 weeks or 18 months. This works out which works out to be about 1.3 posts per week or 5.5 posts per month. Not […]

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2-Day Workshop – Pouring Pot (sort of)

September 14, 2010

To Continue.. I mentioned in my earlier posts about the workshop, that one of the pieces I was raising was a pouring pot. This item was based upon a creamer I had seen in a book. I was planning on mine being slightly larger – starting with a 6″ diameter disk of 18 gauge copper. […]

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2-Day Workshop – Patina Discussion

September 11, 2010

Prior to this workshop, Deb had shown me how to use Liver of Sulfur [also known as “LOS”]  on copper for application of a patina and since then I had not purchased any LOS or attempted it again. Before I came to the workshop, while preparing my other hollow forms, I sunk a small dish […]

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2-Day Workshop with Deb – Intro

September 9, 2010

Over the Labor Day weekend I had my 2-day (Saturday and Sunday) workshop with Deb. Each day there was one other student there – Dawn on Saturday and Betty on Sunday who was working on their sinking technique. I arrived with my in-process Tapered Dish, Pouring Pot, and Hearth Pot. The Southwest Vessel did not […]

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Birth of a Crimping Stake (by Potter USA)

August 28, 2010

After my last post (about getting a crimping stake) Kevin Potter sent me some pictures of his lathe and how he started the machining of the crimping stake. Yesterday, one week later he sent an email stating that the stake was done. He also sent along a few more picture of the completed stake.   Kevin […]

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An (email) Conversation with Kevin Potter – Or don’t be afraid to ask.

August 22, 2010

In Silversmithing by Feingold and Seitz (and a few other books on making holloware) they discuss raising using the “crimping” method.  To do this you need a stake that has a groove or shallow long concave depression in it. You use  this groove to put linear depressions that radiate out from the base/center. This initial […]

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Prep(work) for a Workshop

August 15, 2010

About three weeks ago I wrote to Deb about my frustration on finding workshops oriented toward hollowware. Here is what I wrote: “I am feeling a bit frustrated right now, I have been searching the web for “schools” where I can go on my vacation and do an intensive a 3-5 day workshop of nothing but […]

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Going Vertical

August 9, 2010

A quick side-track: I was looking at my kernology stats today and I see that someone entered a query about where to purchase roman glass.  So here is where I bought mine… I have known Avi for almost 20 years, I have bought jewelry from him and I have assisted him in his booth at the […]

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