The Calamari Cuff is DONE

by laurie jane kern on March 26, 2012

I am done with the cuff, not *done* but DONE as in completed.

Last Sunday, I trimmed the corners, so the cuff would be easier to put on, and then soldered on the end bars.  Then it was finishing the filing and sanding. Afterwards I polished it and applied a liver of sulfur patina.  I was not happy with the colors I was getting, it was too gray, so I took the cuff and put it into the pickle to remove some of the patina and reapplied it, I did get some blues but was still not happy so I waited until this weekend to remove it reapply again – that would be application number three.

On Friday, since I was off from work (YEA, THREE DAY WEEKEND) I removed the patina, again, and then prepared my patina and very carefully applied it.  Friday night I left the cuff in very cold water to neutralize and to arrest the reaction.

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Calamari on the Cuff

by laurie jane kern on March 18, 2012

Last weekend I had an advanced chasing & repousse class with Nancy Megan Corwin. She was teaching an introduction class and I had her permission to attend but I would be working in an independent capacity along side the other students.The weekend prior to the workshop I spent a good eight hours drawing up my squid – which was the new design I had chosen for my project. I originally was going to do a Koi, but then I saw a squid on some science show and thought that would be different on a cuff, especially if it look like it was wrapped around it.So on Friday morning, I got up at 7:00, I was out of the house by 7:30 am and arrived in San Diego around 8:45 am with plenty of time to get settled into a workbench and meet the other students, and Megan who I had seen in over a year.

While Megan gave her first demonstration, I cut my silver sheet and square wire and then soldered the wire onto the sheet. I traced the design onto the silver and then lined it from the front. This took me until lunch time but before I took my break, I annealed the silver and put it back into the pitch pot. After lunch I was able to start the repousse on the back. I completed the  initial pushing just before 5:00pm so again I pulled the cuff out of the pitch, annealed it and put it back into the pitch right side up so I could clean up the lining first thing on Saturday. I then went to dinner with Randee a weaving friend….

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November 27, 2011

Yesterday morning I headed down to the Vista Forge which is a part of the Vista Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum for the first session of the Introduction to Blacksmithing class (there are 3 sessions). I wanted to take this class since returning from Haystack but due to the ongoing heart issue I had to keep putting […]

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No Heavy Metal Work….

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I was back at the cardiologist on Tuesday morning.  This was a follow up to see how the BP medication was working. It has helped some but not quite enough as my diastolic readings are still high and the pains and palpitations have not abated. As are result the Doctor has put me on a […]

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Fold Forming Follow-up

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Last weekend was the 3rd and last session of fold forming with Pat. Actually this last session was not really fold forming at all but was about Patina and we used our fold formed pieces or other scrap to apply the patina too.During the first hour or two of the class Pat explained natural patina’s as well as commercial products that could be used to apply a patina to metal work in lieu of waiting week, months, or ye […]

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Secondary Events

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While at Haystack, two interesting things happened.. The First – I found myself talking (a lot) to several of the blacksmithing students.  Eventually we got around to our background, day jobs, and why we were at Haystack. It was all very interesting to meet people from such different backgrounds.  It was during two different conversations, […]

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Haystack Decompression

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It has been almost a week since I have returned from The Haystack Mountain School of Craft and I find that it is hard for me to organize, into words, all the experiences I had.Where does one begin:The metals class I attended;The other classes during the session;The people I met;The art I was privileged to see;The school and staff at Haystack;The nature I was able to enj […]

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That’s it then.

June 10, 2011

My three boxes which I shipped ahead, have arrived at Haystack.My suitcase was packed last weekend. I am so ready to go home for the day. I want to put the last few things into my bags and wait by the door of car until I leave for the airport (which will be 4 am since my flight leaves at 6:30 am).I will arrive in Bangor at about 5:30 pm. […]

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