Raven and Sun Pendant for Charity Auction

by Pauline Tise on June 16, 2011

I was asked to donate a piece to a charity auction being held in honor of Canada’s National Aboriginal Day to benefit Aboriginal Law Students. After some thought, I settled on a Raven and Sun design. The Raven and Sun story always has seemed to me to be an excellent story about gaining wisdom, which is my hope for the Law Students.
I thought I’d share some of the process for making this pendant, which is engraved and pierced. I began of course, with a sketch, which sort of reminds me of a Sheriff’s badge from the old west…and had me worried the end piece would look like a toy, but I went ahead anyways, nothing like procrastination to force a design. As you can see, I placed the nearly finished pendant beside the sketch when I took the photo.

Next I prepped the metal for engraving and piercing. I cover the surface with Chinese white pigment, and then use a sharpie to draw my design. I was playing around with ideas to determine where I’d pierce by blacking out areas with the sharpie. To hold the pendant while engraving I use green chasing compound set onto a giant wooden disc, which I mount in a graver block.

After drawing the design, I did my engraving. This is my favorite part. 🙂

At this point, I soak the chasing compound off in alcohol, and domed the pendant before piercing it. I have done this in the other order before, but that tends to result in buckled parts when doming. Which we all know leads to swearing…
I then polished and made the little leather necklace to finish off the pendant.

Pauline Tise
I love making jewellery, and trying out new techniques. My favorite techniques are engraving, repoussage, and enameling, and I'm working on my stone setting skills. So many ideas, so little time. When not at my bench, I can be found playing or officiating sports, or looking for inspiration on the web. I am never just procrastinating ;-)
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