Owl for a friend

by Pauline Tise on June 27, 2011

I’ve been working on developing some of my less used jewelry skills lately, so decided to make a copper repoussage owl for my friend. She loves owls, and I thought an owl would be a good project to warm up before I attempt to finish my big sun pendant. Which is so far looking a lot like an adolescent sun, he’s all spotty and bumpy 😐 I also decided to add little peridot eyes, and to use liver of sulpher to patina the little owl; he looked odd all shiny and coppery. I almost wish I had used a dark stone, but I had a lot of the little peridot, thanks to finding them on sale 🙂 It seems setting stones in weird places is something I need to practice, it took me way too long to set these stones.

Pauline Tise
I love making jewellery, and trying out new techniques. My favorite techniques are engraving, repoussage, and enameling, and I'm working on my stone setting skills. So many ideas, so little time. When not at my bench, I can be found playing or officiating sports, or looking for inspiration on the web. I am never just procrastinating ;-)
Pauline Tise

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