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by Mario Cesari on October 23, 2011 · 9 comments

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A simple necklace, made of iron wire you just need a mandrel, snippers, round nose and flat nose pliers make a coil around the mandrel (can be iron, wood or any material), don’t need to be precise   cut a series of almost 2 coils (or one and three quarter coil)   with round nose […]


Mario Cesari
Mario Cesari Born in Venezia, Italy, metalworker for thirty-odd years, learning blacksmithing and chasing in London, cuttlefish bone casting and jewel construction back in Venezia, small-scale sand casting and other traditional nepalese techniques in Katmandu. Went to live in the country and learnt forge welding and Damascus steel making, attended seminar on Ancient Etruscan Techniques and learnt granulation, made replicas of scientific instruments for museums. In 1999 at UGA in Athens, GA, as visiting artist. Translated Metalwork and enameling by H. Maryon, wrote articles for Italian and American crafts magazines. In the last years mostly researching, teaching and taking care of my site
Mario Cesari

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