Contemporary Art “Spring Creek” Painting Done

April 19, 2007

24″ high x 30″ long. Acrylic, April 2007. Painting # 071706Contemporary Art painting, “Spring Creek 101”, is finally done. Whew! Now I can take my glasses off. What fun all that color was to paint. Each rock is unique. Looks like you could pluck them right out of the painting, they look so real.To see […]

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“Spring Creek” Painting Almost Complete

April 12, 2007

Here is the current painting in progress. The rocks are all done. Colorful, huh? Now I have to paint the ice. The 3 big, light blue rocks have ice on top of them, and the water flowing at the top has some ice on it. I have never painted ice before, and I am eager […]

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New Original Artwork Painting Started

April 10, 2007

I went on a hike to Zapata Falls last weekend. The falls were still mostly frozen, but the creek was thawed with a little ice left on the rocks. Took some pictures and ran them through the computer. Wow! The colors were amazing. With just a bit of tweaking, I got a photo I just […]

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Of Owls and Pussycats or The Great Owl Paranoia

March 29, 2007

The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat. But not in Colorado!“Watch out for the owls, they will eat your cats.” What? My cats are big, fat, spoiled house cats. I doubt an owl could even pick one up, let alone fly away with it. But these owls, I […]

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I’m now listed in The American Artists Bluebook

March 21, 2007

Sounds cool, huh? Check it out at I have an artists Biography, (which is not finished yet) and a studio with a few of my pieces. But I still have to come up with a professional looking picture to add to my bio. BTW, I just received my new Colorado drivers licence. Of course […]

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Mountian Moods #101 Original Painting

March 19, 2007

“Mountain Moods #101 12 x 48″ Acrylic & Mixed Media, March 2007 “The Mountain Moods Series” is a new series I have just started. This is another example of my innovative Recycled Plastics Technique. The recycled plastic gives the canvas a wonderful surface texture. This texture is not only interesting to look at but creates […]

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Giving Myspace a Try

February 26, 2007

Got the scoop about My Space from my buddies at Wet Canvas. Looks interesting enough to try. And, it’s free. That’s always good. Myspace is supposed to be a great place for networking. Will keep you posted.

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Playing Webmaster is Hard Work

February 22, 2007

My butt hurts from sitting in this chair for 3 whole days in a row. I have been slaving over the computer, re-designing my website, In Art Studio. I have consumed gallons of coffee, and might have brain damage from all the caffeine. I look terrible, but new my website looks great. The old design […]

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New Sculpture – “Harley” The Biker

January 4, 2007

Another new sculpture just finished. “Harley” is a biker. He is bad to the bone, with his custom flame paint job. He wears a black leather Do-rag and sports a gold earring. He is so fun, I love the way he turned out. I wanted him to be free standing and viewable from all sides, […]

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New Sculpture – “Speedy”

December 22, 2006

Some friends were over and we started talking about my sculptures. I’m not sure if it was Jim or Cindy that started the idea rolling, but the idea just took off. Each of us making more funny suggestions. So the credit for the idea of “Speedy” was a group effort. I got so excited over […]

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