Art in the Park show

June 28, 2007

This week end, I will be in my first outdoor art show. Should be fun, and a learning experience. The weather is supposed to cooperate, but I am bringing a huge blue tarp just in case. I have been painting like crazy to get ready. The show will be in La Veta, Colorado, this weekend, […]

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Do Deer Lift Their Legs to Pee?

June 7, 2007

Got up one morning to see three female mule deer in my front yard. Ran to get my camera. Just then, one of the girls squatted on her hind legs to pee. I had no idea that female deer squatted. Later that morning, I was at a friend’s house for my ritual morning cup of […]

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“Speedy”Contemporary Art Sculpture, Winner!

May 15, 2007

My contemporary art sculpture, Speedy, won the People’s Choice award, at the SPACe Gallery, Mixed Media Show. I am so excited! What a fun evening, meeting everyone. 3 of my paintings and my Speedy sculpture can be at the SPACe Gallery, in La Veta, Colorado, till June. Here is the link to the show: SPACe […]

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Fashion and Proper Winter Footwear

May 10, 2007

Being a city girl, I love pretty shoes. I have many pairs, and shoe shopping is a favorite sport of mine. Winters in Colorado are cold, and I needed to find proper winter boots. So of course, I am more than happy to go shoe shopping. I buy a pair of cute red lace up […]

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SPACe Gallery – Mixed Media Art Show

May 8, 2007

I’m in my first show in La Veta, Colorado. Very exciting! The gallery has posted pictures on their website. Those of you familiar with my work, will find it easy to pick out. (The turquoise tetragonal is one of my 4 pieces) I also took my skull sculpture, Speedy. He made quite a hit. Here […]

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Abstract Turquoise Painting #126

May 4, 2007

<img style=”DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 125px; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-ALIGN: left” alt=”Abstract Turquoise Painting #126″ src=”” border=”0″ / > Abstract Turquoise Painting #126 SOLD Here is another small 8×8 Abstract Turquoise Painting, from the Geology Series. I have 7 more of these just finished . Just search for “INART”on ebay. Abstract Turquoise Painting […]

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Contemporary Art Abstract Turquoise Painting #115

May 2, 2007

Here is another small 8×8 Abstract Turquoise Painting, Turquoise #115, from the Geology Series. SOLD I have 11 more of these listed on ebay. Just search for “INART”on ebay. Abstract Turquoise Painting #116, SOLD

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The Burn Barrel – Life in Colorado

May 1, 2007

Like the city girl that I am, I inquired about garbage days. The Grimwoods provided me with an old blackened oil drum, calling it the “burn barrel.” Coming from South Florida, were burning anything, gets you immediate attention from the local authorities, I was a bit perplexed. “Just throw your garbage in there and light […]

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Contemporary Art Abstract Turquoise Painting #114

April 24, 2007

Abstract Turquoise Painting #114 SOLD I am currently selling my smaller Contemporary Art Abstract Turquoise Paintings on Ebay. They are all the same size 8 x 8 inches. Each painting is unique and beautiful. Highly textured and detailed with veins and copper highlights. Start your collection today!

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Learning to Drive in the Colorado Snow

April 23, 2007

I have, what I thought, to be the perfect vehicle for Colorado. It is a 4-wheel drive, Chevy Silverado Pickup. Never mind that it has lived in Florida all of it’s life, and I have not crossed anything higher than a channel bridge in 15 years. This snow thing should be a piece of cake. […]

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