The Making of “Battle Cry”

November 24, 2006

First comes a trip to the “Bone Yard” as I call it. I live on a ranch, and any animal carcasses are dumped in a corner of one of the fields. My problem is matching up and identifying the bones. There are so many of them, and all sizes and kinds. Pretty gruesome. My first […]

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Wild New Sculpture, “Father Time”

October 24, 2006

We have all seen “Father Time” represented as an kindly, old man with a long beard. My version of “Father Time” is not so gentle and kind looking. I wanted to illustrate time in relation to space. Time as infinity, yet time as short, with teeth. Wake up! Get going, before time bites you in […]

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New Pieces – Sculptures

October 8, 2006

This is something really new for me, sculptures! It all started with a visit to Firedworks Gallery. The owner saw my 4″ faux turquoise cross necklace and asked if I could make the same thing only larger. “Of course I can” I boasted. Did I stick my foot in it or what? After a couple […]

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The Big Move- part 4, Yahoo, Colorado!

August 4, 2006

I decide not to stress the old truck’s transmission pulling the trailer over Raton Pass, and detour North. Turned out to be a good plan, as I later heard that Raton Pass is closed due to smoke. I take a rarely used back road to Walsenburg. Didn’t see another car the whole way, so I […]

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The Big Move – part 3

July 25, 2006

I can tell I’m in the west, when the landscape changes from farmland to grazing land. The trees are short, the green grass turns to sage brush, and the vistas become truly grand. The air changes too, I no longer need the air conditioner to fight the summer humidity. The air is drier, and clearer. […]

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The Big Move – part 2

July 6, 2006

Driving from sun up to sun down and sleeping in my truck at rest stops, was a whole new experience. Truthfully, it wasn’t that bad. I met some nice people, learned that there are a lot of women driving 18 wheelers, and found endless photographic opportunities. I found that I could steer the truck with […]

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The Big Move – part 1

June 30, 2006

After many months of preparation and planning, I left Florida and moved back West. I had not been looking forward to hauling a trailer 2400 miles. The idea of driving cross country, alone with no one but myself, to get me out of a jam, intimidated me. I had never towed anything before, and my […]

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New E-Commerce Website in Progress

June 1, 2006

I have been looking for an alternative to the steep eBay fees involved in having a store, and listing auctions. Many of my fellow eBay Artists will relate to this situation. What to do? Hummm…maybe my own e-commerce website. I had no idea how much work was required to create a full-blown shopping cart website, […]

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“The Geology Series, Turquoise 111”

March 11, 2006

For SaleThe Geology Series, Turquoise 111″ Another Hugh Turquoise Painting, using my Recycled Plastics Technique. This one is 2 panels each 24″ x 30″ for a total of 30″ x 48″. See it on my website In Art “Turquoise 111” or email me:

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“Lapis 102″ – 30″ x 48”

March 6, 2006

Back to Painting. I love the variation of blues in this one. The more I look at it the more I like it. The colors are so striking. From my “Geology Series” this painting is for sale. See it on my website In Art “Lapis 102” or email me:

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