Painting Ponies

February 12, 2006

Here are some new polymer clay ponies I just finished painting. Will be adding them to a new painting. I will be carving some more horses in the near future. I have lots of new ideas for these little guys.

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“Core Samples 101” Painting

February 9, 2006

Now this one is really different. It’s the first time I have combined my Cut Canvas and Recycled Canvas techniques. I think it’s pretty cool. From my “Geology Series” this painting is for sale. “Core Samples 101” or email me:

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Too busy to get into trouble

February 7, 2006

Between trying to finish 4 paintings a week, working on my jewelry designs, and sourcing materials on the internet, not to mention the time it takes to photograph and list all this stuff; it’s no wonder I don’t have a social life. Oops that reminds me, I need to check my internet dating website. 🙂

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“Turquoise & Wild Horses 101”

February 4, 2006

For Sale A good friend was visiting and saw my Polymer Clay horses laying on the work bench. Left over from a past project, they are too large for my jewelry (except maybe a belt buckle) He suggested I put them on one of my turquoise paintings. Great Idea! Turquoise and horses, what could be […]

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Fun with Polymer Clay

February 3, 2006

Been making polymer clay horses. I use the small ones in my jewelry designs. I carved the originals and used them to make silicon molds. Then the horses are individually hand painted. These little guys are tedious to make, but so pretty. I love making them. Note:Polymer clay is a soft, moldable form of PVC […]

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Good News!

February 1, 2006

My Grandson, Nicholas, started pre-school last week. What a big change in the little guy’s life. Instead of being a cancer patient he gets to be a normal little boy. His doctor says school will be good for him. He has enough immune system to handle the inevitable colds and flus. He still goes to […]

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Artist Challenge

November 5, 2005

My name is Liana, The Innovative Artist on Ebay. Instead of anxiously watching my paintings at auction, I have decided to explore an idea for promoting artists and their artwork. I am a Self Representing Artist with a website and an Ebay Store. I want to find a way to make the public aware of […]

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