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by Allan Straton on April 24, 2014

Welcome to my blog.
I am a third generation jeweller in my industry and would like to discuss all aspects of the jewellery business.
Our business was established by my grandfather in 1929 and since a child I was bought up “The manufacturing Jewellery business way. On the bench.”
We have all heard of this term.
I would like to tell you that the industry has changed significantly in a short period of time.
To stay in business you have to change as well. FAST.
I will take you on a journey though time from the 20’s to the future of the industry.


Before I take you on that journey here is my advice for your instant success in the future.

Buy “Jewelry Cad Dream” software as fast as you can.
No other jewellery cad program compares.
Don’t say I didn’t give you good advice if you buy some other jewellery cad program.
I have given you and posted my advice.

Daughter's first ring Daughter’s first ring

This ring was printed by Graham Shirley and cast by Morris and Watson 3 years ago.

The ring is my daughter Anika’s first attempt at a ring created by her on this fantastic program. She designed it for her older sister Raquel.  It now features on the Official Web site of Jewelry Cad Dream. She was never bought up on the bench and did not have any knowledge of jewellery or cad prior to making this ring. She had lessons from John Cavallo “The Master of Cad and Design” and created it within a month of starting the lessons. She is Generation Y and 4th generation to join our business.

Since this ring was created the program has advanced at a tremendous rate and the 2014 program which is due for release within a few weeks will take Jewellery Cad world to a different level of sophistication never seen before.   

To see this ring which is featured and rendered on the website, go to the following website.

You can also take a tour on their website

NEW: Use the special promotion code NZ1001 when you enter the Jewelry Cad Dream site.

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