A letter sent to my customers in New Zealand

by Allan Straton on April 24, 2014


We  still manufacture allot of jewellery but we also use to supply consignment goods to our customers to help them and our firm at the same time. I have always wanted to help the jewellery industry as we have been jewellers for a long time.

But consignment goods era had past and was to come to an end after twelve years. Times have moved on.

So this is what I sent to my customers to inform them that this program was fantastic and out of all the jewellery software on the market this was the most advanced. But I also wanted to inform them of the pitfalls as I want all my customers to be fully informed.


It went like this:

Now that our consignment agreements have ended we are concentrating on this CAD program and the benefits it will bring to the jewellery industry not only in New Zealand but around the world. With free trade and the counties of the world there are huge opportunities for all in the industry to sell world class goods custom made that the industry can share and be rewarded.

Enquiries for Jewelry Cad Dream

You can also take a tour on their website


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Attached is the latest campaign.


This program is amazing but will not suit everyone.


I sent this email to an enquiry because I don’t want anyone to be miss-informed or take on more debt than they can afford.


Email reply to an enquiry for Jewelry Cad Dream

Hi Phillip

This is to catch up with you and see if you have any more questions about Cad.

In America, Cad is making the difference between people staying it in business or not. Most of the jewellers had the choice in the past in Cad of choosing “Jewel Cad” or “Rhino”.

Then “Gemvision” came on the scene and revolutionized Cad.

Now “Jewelry Cad Dream” has revolutionized Cad again.

Between “Gemvision” and “Jewelry Cad Dream” it is like sailing ships to space rockets.

The difference is that great. Gemvision and all those programs have the Rhino platform engine driving them.

“Jewelry Cad Dream” has the ZW Soft platform engine which was the NASA engineering engine driving it before NASA sold the platform engine to China. The platform engine was called VX. Now 500 people are employed by ZW Soft to improve the engine constantly.

The Jewellery side of the program is still American and has been developed by John Cavallo who is the world’s most renowned leading master when it comes to Cad programing and design in jewellery.

So at the moment you have to make up your mind if you want to go down this path and it is difficult because it makes a huge difference on your life in the future and it is a huge outlay. It costs around US$5000.00 (subject to change at any time) to start if you buy the “Jewelry Cad Dream” software. Updates for the insuring year are free. Plus the lessons will cost US$120.00 per month for class lessons via the internet (2 per week), but John is teaching so you are learning from the master of CAD. With this there is a library of lessons in the member’s area which you can access 24/7. If you make the wrong choice of program then it will affect you in the future.

Allot of people who use “Gemvision” swear by it. When I ask them about certain problems they encounter they say that they work around it. That takes time and time is money. So the cost over a year is expensive. It is a slow program and has not been upgraded for along time.

We have people who have invested heavily in “Gemvision” coming to us now and they would not go back.

Rhino is an older type program which you can get a free copy or upgrade to Rhino Gold. If you have a free copy of Rhino, good luck. You are really pushing a rock up hill. You must have a lot of time to waste. Myself I would rather be on a beach or fishing for the 7 snapper quota we are now aloud to catch.

We have people who had “Rhino Gold” come over to “Jewelry Cad Dream” and they would not want “Rhino” now.

To get your files cast you do not want to invest in a printer yet. The resin printers do not cast well. You need special investment that is dearer and a special burn out cycle which is longer. The wax printers are the best for jewellery and they are around $50000 to $70,000 for an Envision wax printer. These printers will come down in price so for now it is best to wait. You can buy allot of waxes for $50000 to $70,000 and you don’t have the maintenance and running costs which is high.

So I recommend at the moment that the files be sent to either Graham Sheryl or Regal Casting in NZ. There are others overseas offering cheaper prices but I support NZ. NZ casters in my opinion are dear but you know that the patterns will be printed and cast properly.

You can add the cost onto the price of the item so why worry. Again time is money.

No other program (Depending on experience) can make or change patterns more efficiently than people who use “Jewelry Cad Dream” program and there are going to be significant benefits for those who a wise enough to join at this early stage. It would make you much more skilled and competitive.

Both Regal Casting and Graham Shirley use “Gemvision” and swear by it, but the program is a bit in the dark ages so by going with” Jewelry Cad Dream” you will have a huge advantage for a while until they wake up to the fact that they cannot compete with the program they have.

By that time you will be laughing all the way to the bank and have a lot of experience. You will be able to learn the program.

Michele and John can help any query through Skype at any time.

My recommendation is a computer with two monitors. One as a computer screen and one as the cad program screen. I can help you set up that.

You need a good graphics card and plenty of Ram. My computer has around 160mb.

You need it to render patterns otherwise it is very slow.

This goes for any cad program.

I hope this helps.

I am bias but you can ring Jeanco at Milford if you are unsure.

I just want to help you see the difference between the programs and make the right decision as a mistake right now can cost you a lot.

Best wishes


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