A challenge to all other Jewellery Cad uses

by Allan Straton on April 24, 2014

Hi I am Allan Stratton managing director of F N Stratton 2004 Ltd trading as The House of Stratton.

My grandfather started the company in 1929 so our range is very diverse from the old to the most modern dynamic designs that could be created on cad. As an independent old company I have searched the world for the best Jewellery Cad program I could find. I take extreme care when purchasing to make sure that I spend my money wisely. This is why we are still in business when larger businesses come with a hiss and raw and disappear.

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My website is


This will show you how diverse our range is.

Getting back to the Jewellery Cad systems. I want to know about your experiences with other cad programs because I want to help you get the best system for entering or continuing into the future with cad design.

Remember it is like anything in life. Brands create brands so they can make more money out of people and charge for their name. In the end if you purchase a branded item it might not be any better than any other brand. Just more expensive. BRAND is only a perception of the person buying. There are certain factors that influence people into buying expense brands.

First comes what I call snob value.The must have. Like sheep to the slaughter.

Then quality, service and reliability.

Other factors are sometimes price and looks (style) It is also like this in the Jewellery Cad World. The difference is I started 10 years ago or more by purchasing Jewelcad. As most back then did. Talk about basic cad design but with the limited ability it is surprising what could be achieved by a skilled operator.

Some still use it but most have moved onto Rhino Gold, Gemvision and Matrix which are all Rhino base systems. These systems came out and it amassed me how advanced they were compared to Jewelcad. People with foresight bought them and benefited from the advanced features. It cost an arm and a leg to buy.

Unfortunately these programs have stopped advancing or are up to date were it comes to tools or functionality. So people using these programs are stuck in the 2000 – 2012 period.

Like I said, I searched the world for the most advanced jewellery system that would expand and advance with my company that did not cost an arm and a leg, (And a brain as well. as others did) It is called frustration. This program is called “Jewelry Cad Dream”.

It is the most dynamic program I have ever seen were it comes to Jewellery Computer Aided programs.

For a tour got to www,jewelrycaddream.com

This will change your life.

In the next blog, I would like to set a challenge.

Post me what you like about the jewellery cad program you are using and also what frustrates the hell out of you when using the program?

Also what happens when your customer wants to make changes to the rendered photo or tells you that does not look like the item they ordered?

Does it hurt your feelings or make you angry because you will have to start again or do you lose sleep because there is a dead line and you need to finish their order to receive payment.

Let me know your experiences and I will show you how to solve the problem easily with one wise investment.

Let me know your thoughts.


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