The company behind “Jewelry Cad Dream” software

by Allan Straton on May 8, 2014

The company behind the program. 

Jewelry Cad Dream 2014 software is the most advanced jewellery 3D software , developed in the United States and is powered by ZWSoft Corporations dynamic powerful engineering engine.

You can also take a tour on their website

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 This is a huge multi-million dollar company, has 400+ employees and is constantly working to upgrade their program so you can create fabulous jewellery you desire with ease. Being able to change any aspect of your design at any time completes the picture of the perfect program that no other jewellery cad program has ACHIEVED. 

Now Jewelry Cad Dream can be combined with Zbrush to create the most dynamic designs ever seen. The easy of Jewelry Cad Dream with its dynamic library of settings, shanks and other tools makes the program a cad designers paradise. Zbrush on the other hand is very fluid for profiles and figures. What a perfect combination.

Jewelry Cad Dream masters now gives classes so you can learn how to combine the two, what a match.

Jewelry Cad Dream


US$350.00 to hire for 1 month which includes 1 x webinar per week and access to tutorials. Fee deducted if program bought within the month.

US$195.00 per month for a 6 month contract including 1 x webinar per week and access to tutorials.

Disclaimer: In the event we miss a webinar there will be a tutorial loaded online to replace the webinar

 Maximum term to hire is 6 months. Cad files created in the hire period can be saved and printed.

Does not include rendering package with hired copy.

Full program package including all upgrades until the next program release.

 US$ 4995.00 


“Jewelry Cad Dream” 2014 is the most advanced powerful jewellery software package ever developed.

If you are not currently using “Jewelry Cad Dream” software then you are light years behind in jewellery development, software and Design.



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Interesting article, thanks for the share.

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