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This ring set was created on Jewelry Cad Dream by Jeanco .

They converted to the new program 4 months ago after using Rhino Gold for 10 years. Jeanco would never go back.

Hi fellow Jewellery Designers and Colleagues

Where is the future going?.

Is the world really going where we want it to go?

Is this really what the human race wants?

Have we come anywhere in this world?

What is the difference between now and when we were first on this earth fighting for survival?.

I say nothing has changed.

Today we have all the so called modern tools to make life incredible but have a good look around you. Are you really happy with this so called modern world.

Unfortunately the more technology we have, the crazier the world gets.

I am here at 4 am in the morning and from my telephone communicating this to the world. I have enough money to buy a computer which was produced at the other end of the world for the least cost to the company that manufactures it and sells in the retail outlet or on line for the price that people are prepared to pay or should I say CAN AFFORD. Different countries have different prices and people can surf the net for the best price.

So everyone around the world is squeezed until they cannot afford to survive.

In this climate some people make a lot of MONEY but the majority don’t and live in poverty or survive on the smell of an oily rag as they say.

Everyones or should I say most peoples intention is to make as much money in this world as they can.

We are in the middle of a financial melt down with the worlds future based on production and what I call slavery to money. They now tell us that the world finances are coming good and we will all benefit from the upsurge in world trade. I say I have heard that for the last 50 years and I recon it will be the same in two hundred years from now unless we base our lives on other values. which is not going to happen.

At the moment the human race is all about money.

The counties who have money and the countries who can sell their products to the world. Its about survival and it is all about money and finances.

How much you can sell yourself for. How do these people survive in war zones. What is behind war zones. As I said the world is crazy with all the technology and the advancements why are we in this position?

We are the only creatures on this earth that base their whole existence on possessions that are based on other peoples perception of money. Our whole life from birth to death is based on this.

In this world you have to make decisions that take you into the future with the best dream you can imagine. Some people help those dreams come to reality. They invent items and software that help make life easier to different trades and the dynamics of the world changes for everyone.

People need more help now from fellow humans than ever before as the world if you haven’t noticed is in turmoil. I watch in horror as I see everyone fighting for survival around the world.

So what is more precious the MONEY to everyone..

It is TIME as everyone, everything is based on how much you can earn every minute of every day.

The future is coming fast.

At what point do you say to yourself that I have to get onto the wagon train that will bring me more time and versatility to my business in the future.

Dreams are free.

In the future the computer will interface with your brain and through thought the machines will do the rest. We will be paid not to work but for leisure time as the technologies advance  to a point that there will be no jobs as we know. No trades as the machines will control every aspect of what happens. Don’t believe me then look around what has happened over the last 10 years. As I said time is money and here I am on my phone at 4am in the morning sending you this message. 10 years ago I would have been asleep. 29 years ago I would have hand written or typed a letter and posted it to one person. Now I can communicate the same letter to millions around the world

So if now is now and TIME is the most precious commodity on this earth that we all possess , then we have to live for the present and take advantage of what is available at present.

Jewelry Cad Dream is such a program that can help you advance. Jewellery Designers or for that matter any designer from where you are to where you want to go. The company behind this program is programmed to advance this software beyond your wildest dreams so you do not have to waste TIME creating patterns that have been created before. They will not be static STL files as you can currently buy and print from rendered photographs. But they will be valuable to you and tradable.

Back in 1980 when I first programmed my first computer I discovered that the only limitation to what a computer could do was your dreams. Now 34 years later I find I was wrong. The only limitation is TIME. You never get TIME back and thats why I don’t ever think that we will ever physically travel in TIME. We can look back in TIME and recreate TIME on the modern computer and do what humans do fantastically create a vision of how we believed it looked like on the information we have collected  just as we speculate about our future.


Because this program has a history that no other Jewelry Cad programs before the next generation, say they have but don’t, this program has given you the most precious commodity that we currently have. Being able to change the existing file   which saves you TIME. With the history you can change anything to do with the file you create.

One thing that is not constant is different people and different likes and dislikes. Ones persons concept of beauty is different from the next person. So your perception in your mind of what your customer likes is most of the TIME different from theirs.

The other point is that 9 times out of 10 they will want changes to the pattern. That is a 90% fact.

With Jewelry Cad Dream thats no problem. You can simply go into the file and change it at any stage.

The only other problem you will face if you buy this program is getting the money out of your client when you have completed that special item but I cannot help you there.

If you haven’t already seen this incredible program in action then go to

Use the special promotion code NZ1001

When you purchase this program you are securing your future and I know for a fact it is only the beginning for this program to save you TIME.

Shortly there is another TIME saving addition coming to this program that will save you hours, not minutes and give you the freedom to create whatever you can dream of to show your clients.

I will let you know this exciting addition to this incredible program shortly.

My website is

The one thing I cannot do is write down everything I would like to tell you about your future and how much this program will change your life.

I will also be informing you how other people can help create the dream you want in the jewellery item you desire

Other services you will need if you buy this program.

3D printing services. To print the item you created in Cad

Casting services. To cast the item you created from the file you designed on Cad and had printed in 3D.

Jeweller services. To do the bench work or production work on the item you created on Cad before it was 3D printed and cast

Before being given to the setter  who then sends it back to the jeweller who sends it to the retail outlet to sell to the Client who picked the item they desired or dreamed of in the first place.

No wonder jewellery costs so much.

In this world the only dreams that are free are what you think about while you daydream.

I will leave the other problems of the world with people that are more learned than I.

If you are a Jewellery Designer, a user of some other Jewellery Cad program or a want to be up and coming jewellery designer. Make your dreams a reality and take a free tour on the Jewelry Cad Dream website. It could change your life.


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