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Hi Jewellery Cad Designers and Fellow Colleagues

This is the latest class project information from Jewelry Cad Dream.

Discover the power of Jewelry CAD Dream (JCD).  The most advanced, next generation jewelry CAD design software.

Jewelry CAD CAM Masters invites you to Basic Training in Jewelry CAD Dream.  Our basic training aims to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the tools used to create various jewelry designs.

The training will provide attendees with an understanding of one particular ring design. (see photo below).

ImageAll interested participants are encouraged to call for a link to the webinar.

We also offer a rental (1 month for $275) on our software with online classes and tutorials.

If you would like to rent, or subscribe to our program, a full purchase isn’t necessary.
If you would like to purchase our software or training you can call or email us.


If you are new to the program or have come over to the better design software from other jewellery design software then you will have to retrain.

The other jewellery software is not as versatile as Jewelry Cad Dream so you will have more dynamic tools than you are use too.

For designers that have never used Cad designing software before then there are beginner classes.

Important: You will be better off with two screens.

One screen for the lessons which you can stop at any time and practice until you understand what you are doing.

Second screen for the Jewelry Cad Dream program screen.

While watching the tutorials you can create the item in your own time.

As I previously said it is not a walk in the park and takes time and dedication but the jubilation of being able to create beautiful items is inspiring.

Only concentrate on one tutorial at a time.

It is a waste if time clogging your mind with other tutorials.

You are excited to look at all the exciting  features of the program but you will end up confusing yourself.

If you have any doubts or don’t understand certain points them ASK. Don’t struggle. If you ask or think there is a problem don’t waste your valuable time struggling

Email – and
Phone –800-537-8346 USA- 561-444-3741 outside USA

Thank you,
Jewelry CAD CAM Masters

use the special promotion code nz1001

My web site is

Basic Training in
Jewelry CAD Dream

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