Jewelry Cad Dream. The importance of the JCD counter studio with dynamic history.

by Allan Straton on September 4, 2015

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My name is Allan Stratton

Today I want to talk about the importance of the most advanced jewelry program currently on the market.
A lot of other jewelry programs have fast direct editing and other facilities.
These are great for one off files.

I call them stationary or static files

You can create a model and you can print an STL file of that model but that is as far as it goes. They don’t use constraints and they are not very powerful programs.
Myself, I look further ahead for future gains for industries.
As some ideas are a quick money making fix, here one day and gone the next, they are making money for some people but because they cannot be altered.

In the end it is a time consuming nightmare.
The next issue is that with these programs people who buy the STL files cannot alter them for other clients specifications.

So its back to the bench to alter the casting while every time it is altered and set into rubber there is shinkage to contend with. A waste of time and someones money. Usually your own.

They are no good for the counter studios that are being developed right now by JCD and ZWSoft.
These programs dodge using constrains which does not help future alterations.  This is for quickly altering dimensions of work files which can be added the the dynamic history that JCD has. You don’t have to use constraints but I advise you to insert them in your models if you are going to om sell your files to others who have the JCD counter studio.

It is very early days for the JCD Counter studio.
This is a new feature.
All the models in the counter studio ate alterable and can be used and altered by all users of jewelry cad dream 2015 software and beyond.

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All files that have been created by JCD software can be added to the studio.
Jewelry Cad Dream studio is more than just a file of stored objects.
With this feature in future this is what it will do for all designers and members of JCD.

1) it comes with a free file of pre made models that you can alter.
2) Designers can add to their personal collection of models all their alterable files.
3) If they are selling to clients they can display the jcd counter studio rendered models to their clients.
4) The clients will be able to ask for alterations of the item they are purchasing and these alterations can be done very easily.
5) These altered files can be saved to the studio adding to your models for future sales.
6) You will be able to see rendered models from all over the world and purchase these files from other JCD designers.
All these files will be able to be altered by you.
7) You will be able to sell all your files all over the world. All these files will be able to be altered for your or their specific  clients.

But it is up to you how far you want to take this.
This is my dream
No boundaries and no jeweler, no matter which country you are in will ever be held back because of the greed of others.
JCD has given the tools you need for your future survival.
Imagine if in future you have to leave the country you are In and move to another.
With jewelry cad dream and ZWSoft you will be able to leave and take your work with you.
You will be able to keep working from any location or start again.
You will be able to get residual income from your efforts because the studio and your skills move with you.
All the other designers can help you increase your business send at the same time you are helping them with theirs.
You can go as far as you like with your creativity or sales skills.
All because you believed in a dream and decided to go with  Jewelry Cad Dream software.
Why do you think it is called Jewelry Cad Dream.?
It has and is being created from a dream to help jewellers help everyone.
A dream that some day every jeweller will be able to leave the dream to their future offspring and the work they do today will help and leave a legacy to their future offspring in this troubled world.
This dream is sophisticated,  dynamic, powerful and has started right now.
The dream of the future will alway be built on dreams but it is actually reality.
One off objects are great when you have plenty of time.
Time runs out so all those patterns you create when you have time disappear.
The digital counter studio files can last forever long after you.
It will grow to epic proportions and help countless generations give income to create future families.
Join the dream and don’t waste your time on programs that only think of the now.
Think of your future.

Now imagine you have access to all the ZWSoft files of all the products of the world and you can have access to all the blue prints to every item that has been created.

ZWSoft has over 1 million such files that could be accessed through a studio.

Files that can be altered to your needs.

Imagine a search engine like Google that you could access these files from.

Some are free and others you have to purchase.

Imagine the power you would have at your disposal no matter which industry you come from.

All can be milled, printed or made from these files.

All files can be altered.

Now you are talking about the power of ZWSoft, the platform behind Jewelry Cad Dream.

If you are a jeweler the you have the power of Jewelry Cad Dream.

This is not fiction.

It has started now.

It is not controlled by an individual.

It is controlled and in the hands of everyone who buys the program.

And it is advancing at light speed.

Imagine the power this gives large chain shops as well as individual main street jewelers who are wise enough to invest in this technology.

To manufacturers that make the items reality.

To the designers that display their designs to the world that are for sale.

You cannot get any bigger than world wide help.

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For Jewellers

Buy Jewelry Cad Dream light or professional software.

 You have a choice of two programs. One cheap and the other not so cheap.

Jewelry Cad Dream 2015 Lite software version.

Picture 056

This version is for people who want to make easy patterns and alter existing files

Only US$2250.00

It does not have all the bells and whistles but is better than most jewellery programs on the market.


Jewelry Cad Dream 2015 Professional software version


For the professional cad designers.

There is very little you cannot accomplish with this program.


Allan Stratton

Auckland New Zealand

Special Promotion code NZ1001


Manuel Angel Piñeiro Solsona



Email –
Phone –800-537-8346 USA- 561-444-3741 outside USA

Hello Jewelry CAD Dream Followers,

Come and join the next generation of advanced jewelry cad modeling with Jewelry CAD Dream.
Inquire via email:  or call direct at 561-444-3741 to be able to learn to design 
quality jewelry cad models as you see in the image.

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