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by Gerry Lewy on July 31, 2012

Hello my Ganoksin/Orchid friends! (Revised: April 16th, 2018)

As a complete novice to this kind of technology (blogging). I might make a few mistakes, but once these are cleared up, it’ll be quite a library of setting knowledge. I’m limiting my topics (for now) to only “Graver-Usage & Bead/Pave Setting“.

I have many of my older postings on setting collected from many years of writing. Some of them were initially written for the “Bench” magazine, circa 2005. To this date, my essays are numbering in well over 5,000 pages.

My main concern is I don’t want any of my writings to sit in my many External Hard-Drives and never to be seen. I want ‘everyone’ to read them!!! What a greater gift to you all @ no charge! I also have photographs, visually explaining many of my techniques & methods.

One part-time teacher literally scolded me for not charging for my writing. She had a very poor understanding of the simple word “Gift”. I use this great word in our Jewish religion,”Mitzvah”. I am ‘donating’ this to all of you, everywhere!! To me, this is my “Good Deed”.

My writings are greatly detailed, so there will be some topics lasting up to 3-5 pages in length. One topic is called ‘Bench-Essay’ it has only 29 pages of notes. Printing has become so expensive when you are printing over 5,500 pages of notes!

While the ‘setting season’ is soon approaching, so why not get started now? Many of the topics have been written and discussed openly on Ganoksin over the last 2 years, I will posting many other topics and not only through this “Gerry’s Blog” blog.

Some of these lessons have been directly taken from the pages of the “Bench” magazine, when I was the contributing author.
…Gerry (Lewy)!

Gerry Lewy

Gerry Lewy

Diamond Setter, Instructor, Author.
With over 56 years experience as a stone setter, Gerald N. Lewy, president of Gemz Diamond Setting, is known throughout the diamond setting community as 'Gerry the Cyber-Setter'. Gerald Lewy started his 9-year apprenticeship with a jewellery manufacturer and tutored by a gentleman 'setter', in Haddon Garden, London England. Gerald has redeveloped himself into more than a master setter; his purpose is now to be a teacher of the art as well. If you have any questions on Diamond / Stone Setting you can contact him through this blog

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Gerry Lewy May 22, 2015 at 4:03

so sorry for the lo-ong delay..had 2 surgeries email is…Gerry!

James Perry October 30, 2014 at 4:03

thanks for the info, now I need to do my homework. email me your updates…

Robin Key August 7, 2012 at 4:03

I purchased some gravers from Gerry some time ago and also received some CD’s from him which contain a lot of great information on all aspects of setting. This info changed, for the better, my setting techniques so much. His knowledge is second to none and the fact that he is sharing it WILL make many jewellers so much better. Thank you Gerry on behalf of the trade as a whole.

Elaine Ainslie August 7, 2012 at 4:03

Thank you Gerry, for donating your knowledge and time to us all. You are very kind.

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