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Liana Turnbull Bennett

I have many wonderful collectors, that I’ve met through selling on-line. Some of them have become dear friends. One collector displays all my bracelets on the fireplace mantle in her living room. Another keeps my jewelry in her dining room china cabinet. I can’t think of a higher compliment for a jewelry artist.

I have a lovely studio, in the Colorado mountains, surrounded by pines and wildlife. Last summer I got an addition to my studio, that doubled the size, with a special haz-mat room for my resin jewelry making. All ready, I am running out of space. “Honey, I think I need another addition.”

For Inquiring Minds:
Making my resin jewelry is not easy. It’s been a long learning process to get to this point. Thank goodness I am good at math. Wish I’d paid more attention during Chemistry. I am like the Mad Scientist in my studio.

I use 4 different kinds of resin. With differing curing times and the “Oops Factor”, the direction the wind is blowing, my Karma during any particular day, how I hold my mouth, etc., it can mean a gorgeous bracelet or another paperweight. Did I mention that this is an exact science?

Four different resins, each with it’s own chemical properties, and quirky characteristics. Each must be measured and weighted differently. Each must be handled and cured differently. Then there are the molds. No, not the kind that grow on my shower floor, the kind you cast into. First I sculpt the master, then the master is used to create a mold. Each type of resin requires a different kind of mold material. I use 4 different kinds of mold silicones. These guys can get expensive. So I baby them, give them frequent bubble baths and mineral oil rub-downs. Ooh! That sounds heavenly.

Why, you ask, do I do this? Because it’s fun.
It’s mentally challenging, and extremely enjoyable and creative. And it keeps the mosquitoes away. How many girls get to play with a vacuum chamber and a pressure chamber?

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Complaints?

Send me an e-mail. Depending on which way the wind is blowing, I’ll get back to you asap.

I am full of new ideas. I have a vivid imagination, and creating is in my DNA. When I get an idea, for a new design, I just have to try it. Obsessive? Maybe. But, my life would not be as fulfilling if I could not create.

Artist Statement:

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. Joseph Chilton Pearce

I believe that there are no rules in Art. Creativity is about imagining something, then figuring out how to create that something. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. But in the end, you are constantly learning.

I have not always been an artist. While other artists were earning degrees in art, I was testing and analyzing the latest high tech materials. This led to a degree in Mechanical Engineering, were my career was spent creating real life applications from these materials. Only later in life could I afford to indulge my real passion, art.

But, without an art degree, would anyone take me seriously? Maybe not. But at least I will get their attention. I believe that my background gives me a creative edge. Unencumbered by traditional art training, I have the freedom to combine my art with my high tech design knowledge. I know materials, how they behave and react, and understand their chemistry and properties. I am not afraid to try new ideas, to step outside the boundaries of traditional art.




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Sam Patania November 7, 2008

I looked at your blog fully expecting to hate it and was very surprised to love your work. Thank you for sharing, it is wonderful, the colors and materials, what possibilities.

Ellen June 3, 2010

Love your resin bracelets. Do you have classes or tutorials to learn resin casting and mold making?

lianabennett June 29, 2010

Thank you for you lovely comments.
I’m sorry, but, presently do not have classes or tutorials.

Barry L Lewis August 17, 2010

I love your mermaid bracelets for my wife. Do you do them in silver

Barry L Lewis August 17, 2010

Love your mermaid bracelets. Do you do them in silver?

lianabennett August 18, 2010

Hi Barry, Thank you.
I love silver jewelry, and have made sterling silver jewelry in the past.
Being familar with good quality silver, I am very picky about the color and mirror like appearance.
I have looked for a good silver pigment, but have not been able to find one, to date, that gives a realistic silver look. But I will keep looking.

Karin van Gasteren Holland February 12, 2011

Years ago I really fell in love with a seahorse. My mind is full of seamermaids. Never ever did I see their real beauty in art. And now I am deeply in love with the beautiful bracelets you created. Woman, I wish I could see in your head. Some party that must be to yourself! As soon as I have the money I’ll be back. You do deliver in Holland?
With bubbling love

lianabennett February 12, 2011

Thank you, Karin, for the compliments. Yes, I do ship to Holland.

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