Mermaid Earrings at InArtStudio2

by lianabennett on August 25, 2014

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My daughter Marjory, is now making and selling all my Mermaid Earrings in her store, InArtStudio2.

Mermaid Earrings

Due to demand, I have asked my daughter to take over creating and selling all my earrings. With her energy and sparkling personality, Marjory is a natural at selling. She started selling during her high school years, gathering unwanted items and hosting yard sales at our house. Next, came her Ebay store experience. During this time, Marjory learned photography, and how to create listings. She also learned shipping and understands the importance of customer service. Now, Marjory has her own Etsy store and is busy making and promoting all kinds of lovely mermaid items.

Her little mermaid earrings are individually and lovingly handcrafted. Part Sculpture, part Art, part Jewelry. This is sculpture you wear. Pure Fun and Fantasy.

You can see all her mermaid earrings for sale here: Mermaid Earrings by In Art studio2 on Etsy




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