The Big Move – part 1

by lianabennett on June 30, 2006

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After many months of preparation and planning, I left Florida and moved back West. I had not been looking forward to hauling a trailer 2400 miles. The idea of driving cross country, alone with no one but myself, to get me out of a jam, intimidated me. I had never towed anything before, and my trailer was loaded to the top. But the day arrived when there was nothing left to do, but load the pets into the truck and start driving.

The scarriest part of the trip was leaving South Florida. I left at 5am and the traffic was still horrendous. I was told to keep my speed down to around 55mph, and everyone else was flying past me at the usual South Florida pace. (They made the movie “The Fast and the Furious” in Miami for a good reason.) At least Florida has nicely paved highways.

Florida did not want to let go of me that easy. I blew out a tire on my trailer and had engine trouble with my truck before I got out of that state. Thankfully, both problems were easily fixed, and I was quickly back on the road again, headed west.




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The Epiphany Artist June 30, 2006

Ohhh No! You are leaving me! LOL I dont blame you for leaving SOUTH Florida 😉 Well I am actually envious you are going to see some wonderful country on the way out West! God Bless! This will be a wonderfultrip for you despite the “adventures” Take Care!

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